“Salon” is not just a place where you get your hair done!


Who would think of the name “Salon” for a news outlet? Definitely not me. Until a few weeks ago I had never heard of Salon. Originally, I had thought it could not nearly be as informative as Fox News or CNN due to the fact that I had never heard of it. In reality, I was very wrong. When first finding the website it looked as though it contained mostly articles about celebrity drama and gossip and this was a mutual generalization among my group. After digging deeper into the website I realized that it was quite the opposite. From woman’s issues to political debates to sports drama, this news outlet covered it all. However, this outlet covers only domestic issues and events rather than international which could hinder and more than likely does hinder the amount of visitations and views the website gets considering the majority of news outlets cover the same domestic issues. Fox News and CNN are much more popular than Salon more than likely due to the fact that they cover international and domestic issues which can draw more viewers if they want to know about what’s going on outside of the United States. For example, one of my classmates summarized an article from CNN talking about how migrants are protesting in Budapest because Hungary is blocking westbound travel (http://www.foxnews.com/world/2015/09/02/migrants-protest-in-budapest-as-hungary-blocks-westbound-travel-for-second-day/?intcmp=hplnws). Escaping war, persecution, and poverty is not something that citizens living in the United States have to deal with on an everyday basis but unfortunately, in other countries of the world, such as Budapest this is what they are currently dealing with. This type of article containing this information can draw more attention from a larger group of people due to the fact that it’s something that’s not happening in our country. There are many websites and news outlets that cover domestic affairs and daily stories but not as many that cover foreign and international affairs and events.

In comparison with Fox, Salon does not have their own televised programs or news telecasts that are broadcasted for millions of viewers, and you can only reach but so many people through a website. From American Press Institute, statistics show that, “89% of Americans have televisions and only 69% of Americans have laptops [or a computer] of some sort.” (API). With our population being so large, 20% is a very vast difference. On the entertainment side of things, Salon’s articles are very captivating.

The website is liberally biased, which you can tell by reading some of the politically based articles, but nevertheless its stories are very well written. For example, the 2016 presidential election is coming up in November and the race for the most popular candidate is hot and heavy in the current news. The famous name of Donald Trump is across almost every headline in the news and he is, according to Salon, the most popular candidate in the race as of right now. Judging by one article I read, however, titled “Donald Trump is the new creepy face of Demagoguery” states otherwise. What is demagoguery you may ask? Demagoguery is the idea that you side with the public based on popular desires instead of using rational arguments to explain your stances on certain issues.  “Sensational claims and booming stories catch the readers eye more so than a reasonable argument or debate.” (Salon). This is an issue because the public wants to have a candidate that will stick by their own beliefs, not side with people just to receive the majority vote. This has been said to be a problem in past elections and the fact that Donald Trump has that label on him is worrisome for a lot of future voters because they want a candidate who they can rely on and won’t change their stances based on the popular public opinion. So what does this mean for the all popular Mr. Trump? Also, how does this article connect back to the fact that this website is liberally biased? Judging by this quote “Trump’s downfall is predictable, because it’s only reasonable to assume that once the American people start demanding well-defined policies, his charade of a campaign will sink, and we can all move on…” (Salon) this article was written by someone with a more liberally based view. This statement is not something you would hear an avid Republican say. Biased? I think yes.

After looking through and reading more articles, Salon does contain a lot of opinion-based articles where the authors use relevant information and facts to back up their statements such as the Donald Trump article above. The authors also state their assumptions about what is going to possibly happen in the future and or their opinions on the subject at hand. I do believe that Salon is a reliable source however because the authors cite their sources and always mention where they receive their information whether it be an outside source or what have you. Articles like this can be most entertaining however, because the reader may side with the writer and connect with their thoughts and views on a specific topic. On the other hand, websites that could potentially be biased in their articles, such as Salon, may not attract as many viewers due to the fact that not all viewers share the same beliefs or thoughts.

After finding Salon and learning more about it I feel as though I will use it as a source. In college, I as well as many other students, don’t have access to cable or TV’s if we did not purchase one or bring one from home. It’s an easily accessible media outlet that seems very reliable. For most of my life I have looked to Fox or CNN because they are the bigger, more widely used news outlets that I could just watch or listen to by turning on my TV, but it’s always good to know that there are others out there. So yes, it is true that “Salon” is not just the name of a place where you can get your hair done.


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