Media at the Click of a Button

Media at the Click of a Button

By: Abigail Rush

September 8th, 2015

For this generation, we have known nothing but complete access to the media.  The world is at our fingertips.  We can see everything that goes on everywhere with the click of a button. This is pretty amazing. I had never really thought much of it to be honest, but even the fact that we don’t have to wait for the daily press to de delivered to our doorstep to hear the latest news is a relatively recent breakthrough.  For a very long time, it was such a process to print and it always came from a very elite group. Now, the media is compiled from all over the world.  Anyone can post on the internet.  Anyone can read what is posted.  The media belongs to the people. The media is ours.

So what is media?

There are so many different types.  To me, the word media means how you get something across to someone.  The dictionary definition of media is “a means of communication that reach or influence people widely.”  The most popular forms are TV, Internet, Print, Radio.  It would be hard to go a day without experiencing any, if not all of these things.Picture2

In society today, we have become very good at using media.  I am a pretty big fan of Instagram and Facebook- so that’s where I spend my time, but this week I perused CNN.  I found it surprisingly interesting, as I always do when I read the news.  I usually don’t read the news because I feel like I do not have time, but I probably should make time.  I felt pretty informed and became aware of what was going on in the world (which is slightly empowering).

When I was in high school, I took a Journalism class.  It was one of my favorite classes, which was very unexpected.  Every single day when we came into class, we had to read an article or “current event” and answer a few questions about it, and then discuss with the class.  This was probably the first time I was really exposed to the media that is out there.

CNN, also known as The Cable News Network is owned by Turner Broadcasting System which is a part of Time Warner.   It is a seemingly accurate website.  I couldn’t find much that proved it leaned one way or another.  Most news websites these day tend to lean towards a more liberal or conservative standpoint.  For example, Fox News is known for being more conservative, while MSNBC tends to be more on the liberal side.  When looking at different media sources, it is important to look at different sources to avoid any bias you could receive, so when I was looking at the articles this week, I also looked at similar articles on different websites.  They all seemed similar barring a few omissions and variations.

Over this last week of observing media (I observed CNN, more specifically, topics on the united states) I found my self very intrigued.  I am not one to read the news often but when I do I always find myself looking for more than I have to.  The stories seemed pretty average this week in that there was nothing outrageous going on at the moment and the seemingly “normal” in this day and age events were going on.  I was pleased to read about a variety of different topics as some where serious and others were more light hearted.

One of the top articles this week on CNN was about a 2-year-old boy who washed up on the beach of Turkey.  The picture was posted everywhere.  You couldn’t go on the internet without seeing it.  I would post it here, but it’s so sad.  So here is a picture of the little boy and his brother that was posted by a family member.


They were among 12 refugees escaping Syria, none of which made it to their destination alive.  They were headed for the island of Kos- an island off Greece but never made it.  This is the sad reality for many migrants—more than 300,000 according to CNN, having to flee war, poverty and oppression.  Often times these picture or articles are over looked but this one was not.  To see that size of child laying face down on the shore of a beach hits most people where it hurts the most.

Why was this article a top hit?

I saw this article trending across many different websites.  I didn’t put much thought into why it was so popular, because I love children.  But I think the public eye is drawn to children.  No one wants to see an innocent child laying lifeless on a beach.  It would be horrible to say that they used this as an angle to get people to read more, but its true.  A lot of people empathize with children and media companies do anything to draw in the reader.  They need to start out with a strong hook, which is what they did here.

This article, “Toddlers image stops us in our tracks” was written by Ruth Ben-Ghiat.  She is not just a writer but a professor at NYU.  She teaches History and Italian studies.  She has written other articles for CNN. Read the full story here.

There were many other topics that I came across this week such as a pillow fight at West Point that injured 30+ students and a blood moon that has many believing an apocalypse will occur at the end od this month.

I have to say I wasn’t super psyched about writing a blog.  I am very used to total structure in an English class.  I like the idea of a blog, I read a few fashion blogs and two of my mother’s friends have successful blogs.  But after coming up with my first blog post, I can conclude its not as dreadful as I originally thought.  I am anticipating where else the blogging world will take me as I learn more about how it works.


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