A Day at Salon from your Bed? Say it isn’t so!

No, I am not exaggerating one bit when I say you can visit Salon from your bed. After closely following the latest “drama” for the past week, I think it is safe to say Salon is the perfect one stop destination for the latest 411. That is, if you like your news fed to you on a shiny liberal spoon.  I never would have thought Salon had a side on the political spectrum let alone news other than celebrity drama. With an audience around17.6 million, Salon.com covers breaking news, politics, culture, technology and entertainment through investigative reporting, bold commentary and criticism, and provocative personal essays.

So I question, why have I not heard of this website before? Unlike CNN, Fox, and NBC news, we do not typically see Salon plastered across our TV screen when we turn it on. I believe this is mainly due to the fact that Salon does not cover international news. Many Americans are and tend to be more interested on what is happening outside of the country. Although that may be a small downfall to Salon, I still believe there are plenty of more personal informative articles on Salon than on any the other news source. One of the best articles I read was “Just how helpful are those “don’t get raped” tips women are fed their whole lives” 

The message is: You must live in fear and behave impeccably. If you fail you could be raped — and it’s your fault ( Kate Harding). This article is a snarky yet informative article about rape and its victims. It talks on how anyone can be a victim and it does not just happen to those who wear provocative clothes and prance around near alley ways.  This article among many others lack the flashy political headlines or celebrity names. Personally, I think that these are the best articles on Salon. They draw you in emotionally and are trying to tamper with your opinions throughout the reading.

After my group did some digging around on the site we found more strongly well devised articles on topics swaying from political elections and debates to feminism and life. Over three months ago there was an article on Salon titled Fox News “Shocking racism effect: The alarming Statistical Relationships underneath Conservative Viewing Habits.” It is easy to grasp Salons liberal perspective through this article basically bashing Fox news and its conservative highlights. From this brief excerpt it is easy to be persuaded on Fox’s major downfall.

“Fox News has for years come under criticism for its racially-charged coverage… Using 2012 American National Election Studies data to test whether Fox News viewers have distinct racial attitudes, it can be demonstrated that, indeed, these viewers are more likely to reject the reality of structural racism and to endorse negative stereotypes of Black people”

Salon, on the other hand brings to light racial issues from the ‘middle ground’ so to say. So although Salon is left winged I do believe that they are capable of covering issues without being more one side or the other. Also, through another groups work I noticed a difference in translations of Obama in Fox and then in Salon. All of the articles they summarized were clearly criticizing Obama for his recent “achievements”.  However, my favorite difference between Salon and Fox news is their portrayal of the 2016 election and its future candidates. The most popular being Trump. In one article I read titled “Fox News’ big Bernie Sanders lie: The right’s laughably lame effort to link Donald Trump and Sanders.” This article talks about how the media just cannot get enough of Trump and Sanders. While both of the candidates are challenging their party’s beliefs, they continue to remain retrospective in their beliefs as well as drawing in the crowds and making a statement in the poles. Also, in the article Salon mentions how the “left side” is cringing at this comparison and complains that whereas Sanders earned his spot on the ticket, Trump is “is a clown – a pompous, spray-tanned clown” and that “His candidacy is a piece of performance art, a self-promoting circus. No one paying attention believes he wants to be president … Trump is campaigning because he can, because it bolsters his brand, and because people are dumb enough to listen to him talk about things he doesn’t understand. If anything, Trump’s campaign, much like Sarah Palin’s, is a reminder of just how broken and stupid our political system has become.” The constant comparison of the two is unfair because they are polar opposites.

Throughout Salon there is a wide variety of articles on just about anything. With that being said, a large quantity of the information is relayed from other sources. Even though the information on Salon may be from secondary sites I think that the information is still remotely reliable and has good coverage and valuable criticism. As a college student I find humor in the celebrity and entertainment columns and can see myself revisiting this sight again. I personally do not think I will be reading any of the news regarding the political spectrum because of my political values. Changing things up and looking at different news sources is a great way to broaden your horizons and get both sides to the story. I think that time spent getting all of the gossip from Salon is time well spent and no, you do not have to leave your bed.



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