The Truth Shall Set You Free

The world constantly changes overtime.  New inventions, new laws, new governments, new wars, etc. have all shaped humanity for what it is today.  The world is once again being changed and formed by the internet and television.  Never before in history has information been so available to everyone all over the world.  All websites and TV shows are full of information or interests for any category the viewer would want to look into.  A world full of information is at the fingertips of anyone that has access to internet.

With the world always changing and events always happening, media outlets continue to be updated so that they can keep their viewers up-to-date about different events happening all across the world.  The question is, out of the thousands of media outlets, whether it be newspapers, magazines, online sources, or TV, which sources do you want to listen to? Are you liberal or conservative? Do you like sports or celebrity drama? Do you want something opinion based or factual?  The list goes on.  No matter the viewer’s preference there are people that share similar views and have control of a media outlet which is continuously putting out new information to keep its viewers happy and updated.

When it comes to news media outlets everyone always thinks of the liberal MSNBC, middle opinion based CNN, and the conservative Fox News.  Someone such as myself would tune into MSNBC or CNN because I have liberal views and like to be updated on worldly events where the program agrees with my views on the event presented.  There are many more news outlets outside of the “Big Three” news outlets.  In my class two groups did CNN and Fox News while two other groups did smaller news outlets, being Salon and Truthout. CNN and Fox News had a wide range of political and social coverage and were in-depth on their news stories.  Like I said earlier everyone knows about CNN and Fox News and where they stand but, personally, I have never heard of Salon and Truthout. Salon is a progressive liberal news source that is owned by its creators instead of a big corporation like CNN or Fox News. Salon covers a wide range of news from politics to celebrity drama. Salon maybe smaller and more unknown than Fox News and CNN, but Salon was able to report and have in-depth news stories on the same issues, such as the presidential debates, ISIS, etc.

My group focused on the news source Truthout.  Truthout is an independently owned non-profit news source.  Truthout, like Salon, is not as big or well known as CNN or Fox News, but is still able to give in-depth coverage on stories like the two big news sources on domestic and international news. But, unlike Salon, Truthout follows the same types of stories as CNN and Fox News instead of celebrity drama. In 2001, Truthout was launched from Sacramento, California onto the internet.  The writers focus on any main news stories that grab the public eye, but also focus on stories that viewers typically don’t hear about.  Some of the big stories Truthout has reported on was George Bush and his administration’s use of torture, the debate on health care, veteran’s disability and employment issues, Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the election process and its candidates, and many more.

When my group chose Truthout I had some speculation about it.  I honestly thought based off the name it would be some guy with a tinfoil hat posting crazy conspiracy stories about the government trying to brainwash us or something insane.  After reading their articles once a day for a whole week I am glad that they proved me wrong.  Truthout is a legitimate new source with authors that produce well throughout opinions on important events.  Compared to the other group’s news sources, Truthout would be viewed as a little less liberal than Salon but more than CNN and Fox News.

I agreed with some that Truthout covered and said about different events. Truthout covered both domestic and international stories but tended to tie in the US in some way. This site is not afraid to criticize the US government for not doing enough to help the defenseless and innocent of the world. Out of the seven articles I read, five of them criticized the government for not stepping in to fix a situation that they may have unintentionally caused.  The interesting thing is that in most of the articles even though they criticized the government, they never offered a firm solution but instead let the reader decided what to feel and what to do about the situation.  The story that interested me the most was “More Than 270 Refugees Dead in One Day; Why Is the US Doing Nothing?” That was the first time I had heard about all the horrendous stories about the refugees trying to leave Syria and the conditions they faced trying to reach salvation away from war.  The article clarified the situation in Syria, what each country was doing and not doing, the horrors the refugees experienced, and defined what a refugee is for the reader to thoroughly understand what is going on.  (Image)

Syrian Refugee

“More Than 270 Refugees Dead in One Day; Why Is the US Doing Nothing?”


I honestly wasn’t thrilled about receiving this project, then again what student is ever excited about receiving a project, but I am glad I was able to expand my news source intake by looking into Truthout.  With the world of current news at our finger tips it’s up to the readers to go out of their comfort zone and explore more than the “Big Three” to challenge their way of interpreting events.  I personally liked reading some of the stories from Truthout, although some of the articles like “Thomas Edison Was Right About Solar Energy” were kind of pointless and not news worthy.  If a reader wants a news source that will thoroughly break down a story and give a more liberal side to an issue then Truthout should be an option for you.


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