Throughout the week our class has been discussing the obvious difference in national news coverage due to the raging bias that each and every media site provides. Let me tell you friends, you’d be surprised about the coverage that you’re missing out on. The news specifically focuses on making the viewer see things from their perspective, rather than from a mutual and more general point of view. It is the most noticeable on political standpoints (isn’t everything nowadays?). It’s a bit funny that specific media stations like Fox News and CNN preach about the good things a specific person or candidate is doing, while listing only the negative things about another candidate. While the positive things that they are saying are true and so are the bad, you still don’t get to see the true aspects of each party. They will rarely tell you the wrong things that their favorite figure may do, or the good about the other. However, there are the “exception stations”, as I like to call them, that will display a little more about the opposite party in a positive fashion just to make sure the reader isn’t sensing something fishy. Regardless, this is not an everyday thing.
My group looked at for our media content. We very easily saw that this website was based on liberal standpoints. Being a conservative, it was very interesting for me to see the way that the website decided to word the articles, being that I had previously seen the counter argument to the story on Fox News. Strangely enough I was able to agree with some of the points they were making, (that’s a big deal for me). Salon provided sufficient evidence for the subjects being discussed, but they did not show the full side of both parties. For example, the nationally known Kentucky clerk, Kim Davis, was and still is a prime story across all news and media stations. It may just be because of how sensitive this issue is, but reading about it on Salon was the first time a very obvious and upfront bias was detected. As seen in this article ( the website directly says that conservatives believe that Kim Davis is another historical figure such as Rosa Parks. They also decide to include that they believe this is a completely inaccurate comparison. Looking at this was intriguing, because as a conservative I do not share the views that they categorized all conservatives to have.

Through our class discussions I was able to see other media sites that groups worked with, and get a taste for other opinions on this matter. Because the station I viewed was very liberal, lets go to the opposite side of the spectrum to Fox news. An article from the Fox website directly states, “Kim Davis is running a county clerk’s office, not a church and not a legislative body.” This quote directly states Kim Davis is not in the position to have made the decision that she did, because it is not part of her job to try and make legislation or bring up her religion. But why did a liberal website try to say that all conservatives think in the manner than Davis is a hero? One of the most conservative news stations even admitted that her actions were out of place. It’s because of biased opinions and the need to have their viewers agreeing with what their articles are saying. While researching on the Fox website I was able to see an article written about the Kim Davis situation that included a video that showed real footage and had factual information on it ( It is very important to the viewers of these media stations that everything they are saying is backed up with the facts to prove it.
After making sure a news provider has factual information in their posts, you must then look at how they decide to interpret what is given. With Salon they took a statement that a conservative did in fact say, but decided to blow things out of proportion and categorize all conservatives as having the same opinion as this one. Other liberal sites such as CNN also focused on this situation in saying that it was wrong of Davis to do, but they did not make rash assumptions towards the opposite party.
It’s very important for people to take a glance every once in a while at other news providers in order to see different views and look at the values of a party that isn’t theirs.


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