The News used to be a terrible thing. Now, I’m actually interested: The things I learned and every news-hater should understand sooner rather than later in life

Who knew that news sources could be unbiased? I sure didn’t. Al Jazeera certainly changed my view on media. For the longest time, I never had a clue what was happening around the world. I always hated the news because news sources never reported on anything positive. Even though a lot of the articles that I read were not necessarily positive, I really received a positive message. The news that they reported on hit me in a way that made me want to do something. The biggest story that I came across that was being covered pertained to the Syrian refugees. It was nice to see that the reporters focused more on what people are doing to help and how they are spreading word rather than blaming someone for the suffering of these people. The reporters from Al Jazeera are also very unbiased in the fact that they explain both sides of the story rather than bashing one and praising the other. It was refreshing to read.

This was interesting to me because that is what most of media relies on now. Apparently, other sources that classmates used focused more on the visual than the written aspect of media. It is sad that the world, specifically Americans, relies on pictures and hone in on moving things because our attention span is very short. Perhaps this difference is because of who owns the news companies. American companies for the most part owned the classes’ news sources whereas Al Jazeera is owned by the Royal Family of Qatar. Perhaps the fact that it is not controlled by Americans, who like I said before have very short attention spans, plays a big part in that aspect of content.

Al Jazeera covered all the bases in their reports as well. By this I mean they start talking one way and back up their facts and then have facts from the other side as well. I cannot express how refreshing it is to read news that is not biased.  They tell the whole truth. It’s amazing. I really enjoyed following the Syrian refuge story as well.

I was surprised that Al Jazeera, since it is a Middle Eastern news outlet, covered American news too. I guess looking back at it now and knowing how other less preferred sources in my case are set up and what they cover, it makes sense for them to cover international news. I suppose that American news focuses more so on American related topics and other sources from around the world focus more on their region too, but still include international news. Perhaps they cover international news because it could sometimes affect their country as well depending on the relationships or the region or common interests.

I think that ownership plays a big part in how the news gets filtered out into society because different cultures hone in on different audiences. For example, Al Jazeera is owned by the Royal Family of Qatar, so I am pretty sure that their audience isn’t mainly Americans. Therefore, there are not that many pictures. There is usually one for the headline and then depending on what the article is actually about would determine how many more pictures there would be. ESPN, for example, is owned by Disney which is an American company. I am sure that they have lots of pictures and videos to keep their specific audience engaged.The inclusion of pictures is likely related to what the readers prefer. Many people in America prefer to learn of the news by listening to news videos. It also makes it easier to sense the tone of the speaker and notice their bias.

I think that I’ve come to like world news more than American news and so much more than local news. Local news is all about crimes that happen twenty miles from me…That’s really scary to me. I’m too young to die. But international news is really interesting because it gives you a glimpse of how good we’ve got it. I mean for real calling my sister on the phone for dinner while she’s upstairs is a prime example of first world problems. It is humbling to see how I live compared to these people who are fleeing their homes to find a better life for their families and children. Sorry, but the Syrians are always who are on my mind after reading what is happening to them.

It’s also cool to be able to answer that question that people always ask: “Did you see what was in the news this morning?” I never could answer that question, but now I feel like I can on a smaller scale. Even though I only really looked at one story, I feel like I am more aware of how the world is. Don’t you want to be able to engage in conversation? I know I do! And even if it’s not about news, just social jargon that I have no idea what it means, I have learned from just one week of attempting to use media! Granted it still drives me nuts and I wish I never made a twitter cause it’s so frustrating to me, but hey I want that A. Don’t you?


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