An Eye Opener- a view from a freshman’s eyes


Being a freshman at a new school makes it seem like I am living in a whole new world. Not only am I going to different classes with different people; I am living here, too. My current situation has made it easy to take in new information and, in my own ways, give out information to those in the same shoes as me.

I got overwhelmed after being assigned the task of taking field notes. There Is so much going on around us so I had to idea what to take notes on. Walking around campus after leaving class and having the assignment on my mind, I instantly started noticing things I normally would not have on a daily basis. “ I saw a squirrel; should I write that down? Take a picture maybe?” I talked myself out of that silly thought and kept trekking through campus.

Still confused as to what I should be taking notes on I decided to wait until the next class to clarify what exactly I should be taking notes on. Turns out that it literally could be anything.

Field Notes:

      1: almost out of shampoo, but probably going to wait until I am out to buy more. The drivers here          suck! They don’t know how to change lanes, merge, or drive the speed limit!

     2: its raining today and most people don’t even have a rain coat on…

  1. Carnival food for dinner?? EW!- before the big day menus were listed on the tables and flyers were posted. Guess its easy mac tonight.
  2. Talked about algorithms today in class. I had no idea that the internet had that much control over us.
  3. slept through my 8 am….forgot to set my alarm. What else am I forgetting?
  4. i went to ride my bike to class and realized that my tire was super flat ….after I had gotten on it.
  5. college requires so much computer using…in high school our teachers couldn’t require us to use them for projects and homework because some people don’t have them.
  6. High school does not prepare you for college at all.
  7. Beds got de lofted today!! Starting finally live comfortable in my dorm room.
  8. slept through soccer practice
  9. Google Sheets seems to be the home away from home away from home. We use it for everything. In class and even to sign up for soccer transportation
  10. OMG! Why is my American studies professor such a meany!! Why is it that we have to print almost 20 pages of readings every MWF instead of being allowed to bring out laptops into class to refer to them that way?! WE ONLY HAVE $20 IN PRINT FUNDS!!! (don’t teachers understand that we are millennials)
  11. almost out of quarters but I still have so much laundry

After reviewing my notes I could not come to a conclusion about myself but I did notice there was a theme; college life- professors, 8ams, dinners, transportation, classwork, laundry, etc.. Sadly, it seemed to be a lot of complaining. But with a little more thought and insight in my field notes I realized that all of those things I was complaining about someone else would be lucky to have. For example, I mentioned that my bed got de-lofted and I could finally start living comfortably. With that being said, some people would love to have just a bed- whether it was lofted, de-lofted, or just a comfortable surface to sleep on. Also, I sit here and complain about ONLY having twenty dollars in print funds and some people would have no funds at all…whether they were for printing, an education, or just to get a snack. My field notes weren’t just an assignment; they were basically an eye opener.

Did you know that search engines use algorithms that alters what pops up when you do a search which leads to a filter bubble? I sure didn’t!  according to Wikapedia, “ A filter bubble is a result of a personalized search in which a website algorithm selectively guesses what information a user would like to see based on information about the user (such as location, past click behavior and search history) and, as a result, users become separated from information that disagrees with their viewpoints, effectively isolating them in their own cultural or ideological bubbles.” .

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 12.05.21 PM

Our class tested the filter bubble theory out and all googled the same thing to see what our autocompletes would say. To my surprise we all did not have the same words pop up. Those who usually search certain topics will have autocompletes or page results that are similar to those in the past.

I am not too sure as to what my filter bubble could be. For the most part I use the internet for social media. I don’t do a lot of searching unless a class assignment requires me to. When I googled “Egypt” more travel information was on the page as opposed to their government and news.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 4.15.14 PM

All in all, I learned a lot from this assignment. It was an eye-opener and I am surprised at how much I learned from just taking a few notes and making a generalization about them.


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