Autoethnography- Yeah, that was my reaction too.

Autoethnography: Yeah, that was my reaction too.

Sitting in Commons eating my bowl of cereal by myself I have to entertain myself somehow or at least make it look that way so I don’t look like a total loser eating alone. Everyone knows what I mean. You never want to be that person without friends. It really sucks. That is one thing that I was never prepared for…making friends. THANKFULLY, I have my team. They are awesome people and I can’t imagine coming into college without them. Being an athlete, I came in with a support system like no other. It is super nice to be welcomed and have made immediate true friendships.

My morning routine revolves around the internet. It truly is sad that so much of the world revolves around the web and having internet access. When I wake up, I almost immediately check email, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. I kind of half expect there to be notifications on my home screen; it’s always sad when there isn’t. While eating breakfast I ‘read the paper’. Not really, I just like to look through the sponsored stories on Snapchat. My favorite is Cosmopolitan. I have cereal and scroll through the pages and read the stories about the latest and greatest.



I think that my filter bubble is super limited. I pretty much only look at things that are petty. I know that I should take more of an interest in more global events and news. It makes me feel better when I have control over what happens in my life if that makes any sense to anyone.

Walking to and from class, right when I am released I reach into the side pocket of my backpack to for my phone to see if anyone was contacted me. Then I check my email again. It is drilled into students to check that thing multiple times a day. I tend to have my phone in my hand if I am ever waiting for someone or eating alone. It’s as if it’s my only friend when there isn’t anyone around I actually know.  Pathetic, I know. And the crazy part is that I rarely post anything…I just look at what everyone else is posting. For me the internet it a one way street and traffic is heading in my direction.



I found that my world really revolves around the internet. I feel almost hypocritical for saying people are attached to their phones cause looking at the past week and keeping track of the amount of times I pull it out is crazy. And everything involves the internet. Without the internet, I doubt that I would lose as much battery life as I have. Also, in college, there is so much more tolerance for phones. At my high school, if you had your phone out at non-designated times, you got detention. Here, it is mandatory in some of my classes to have my phone or something with internet access.

If there wasn’t any WiFi on college campuses, life would be lived in the dark ages. Most of my work is only available online. It’s crazy how technologically driven society is. Even right this second, the internet is accessed on my phone…I’m listening to music and my computer is on with the internet on as well. I’m not saying that people would not survive without it, but the internet certainly is a HUGE part of life. I never realized how useful it was until this year actually.



It’s is interesting though, to see who has internet access and who it is distributes across the globe. The article “The New Digital Divide” by Susan Crawford, really delves into this topic and explains the dynamic of the internet in people’s lives. BUT like I mentioned before, this article is online…meaning I needed access yet again for school work. She touches on many parts of how the internet is used: who, what, when, where, and why. It is a very interesting read. I suggest it.

I have learned that my life, my very routine life of class and practice and homework, is intertwined with my small handheld device that gives me access to everything that I need really. I could probably only have that one device and survive for a while. It would be tough using that tiny screen and keyboard, but I’m sure it has been done. Recognizing how much I use my phone, it makes me realize that maybe I should take a step back and really focus on the important things in the world.  I really want to see all the beauty around me. I mean I am blessed to be able to go to a school like this and live in the area I do.





On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, it is really interesting how the internet can connect the world together. I can FaceTime my sister in London and feel like we are in the same room again. I can Snapchat my friend in Florida and talk to her about her freshman year via goofy pictures of our faces. I can scroll down Facebook and Instagram and see what my high school peers are up to. It’s really cool that people can be so far apart and still stay connected. SUPER COOL!!

I cannot believe that there are so many tools either. You can search for anything, watch TV and movies, buy almost anything, and read almost anything…all on the internet. Just this semester, I have used many websites that I never even knew existed. The possibilities are limitless at this point. People are still adapting the internet trying to advance it even more than it is now. Close your eyes and imagine twenty years from now. There could be flying cars, robots, and teleportation! Who knows! The internet is a cool thing for sure. Go ahead, check it out!




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