The Highs and Lows of Freshman Year

cnu hall

I sometimes still find it hard to believe that I’m actually a college student. It feels like just yesterday I was a freshman at my high school. Now that I am a freshman living on campus at CNU I’m trying to find out my place in the CNU community and what I want to get involved in. But, that’s what college is for right? Figuring out who you are and what your passions are. Even though I haven’t been at CNU very long I’m starting to see the culture of CNU, the traditions, and all of the things I can get involved in on campus. As freshmen we can all relate to finding out where we belong on CNU’s campus.

College is a completely different world than high school is. The workload is much more, you actually have to read the textbook assignments, and knowing how to manage your time is vital. In my COMM 249 class we were assigned an application paper to write in a group of 5 people, something I would have never gotten assigned in high school. While the work load has been pretty tough here at CNU, I’ve gotten opportunities to try new things and get involved in clubs and organizations I would have never thought to try before. I’ve danced for 12 years so I knew I wanted to get involved in dance somehow at CNU. I heard about fitness classes on campus and one is like a type of dance class called Zumba. I’ve heard of Zumba and always wanted to try it, so I went to a class and I loved it.  I also signed up for Dance Fusion, a lyrical, contemporary, and jazz dance club on campus. At the first club meeting we learned a dance that was a pretty different style from what I’m used to dancing to, but it was fun to learn a new style of dance and try new things. I also decided to go and try out for the Dance Concert 2016 too. This was a whole new experience to me. I’ve never auditioned for a dance before, especially not 5 in a row with 100 people, so it was a challenge but really fun too. My suitemate and I signed up for the club, Hypnotic Control, a hip hop dance club; this club was totally out of my comfort zone, but I gave it a try and it’s actually kind of fun. I’m finding my place on CNU’S campus by getting involved in organizations and clubs, and finding out what I enjoy. On top of all the organizations there are to be involved in on campus, the sense of community is a large part of CNU. I see familiar faces every day and someone is always willing to hold the door for you or open the door for you. It’s nice to go to a school where people know you and where the walk to class is less than 5 minutes. A lot of my filter bubble has to do with college students based on my post. Since I am living on campus, I am always around other college students.

As freshmen we have the next four years to figure out our place in the CNU community and the world.  This is our time to discover who we are and what the next step of our lives will be, so here’s to the best four years of our lives.


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