The Yin & Yang of College Life

  • 9/20/2015: An equilibrious day of relaxation and work. Slept in and watched some TV, then went running and studied for my art exam.


  • 9/21/2015: Watched a movie today – Howl’s Moving Castle. It was a cool anime movie about this girl who gets turned into an old woman by this evil witch, and her journey to curing herself. Was a nice break after my early bird Chemistry class in the morning. After three more long classes I ended my day with a nice, relaxing yoga class.


  • 9/22/2015: Business as usual for today; Econ in the morning, Chem Lab in the afternoon. However, I did treat myself and went to get my eyebrows waxed in between classes. Needless to say, my brow game is totally on fleek now and made me feel pretty great. You know what they say…beauty is pain. (Except it’s really not that bad!) Ended the night with study for my art exam, then a spontaneous trip to Einstein’s which led to a two hour-long “social hour”. Maybe not the best way to end a night before an exam…or morning?


  • 9/23/2015: Busiest…day…ever. I was booked today with event after event! I had chemistry in the morning, then I had to grab takeout from Commons and brought it to the dorm. Then I took a shower and headed to the TribLib to study Econ with my friend, Katie. Then 10 minutes after that was over I went to my core advisor meeting, and I had a 30 minute window in between my advisor meeting and English, so I changed out my books and got a chicken wrap to go from Commons and went to class. I relaxed after with a powernap, then headed to my last lethargic classes of the day. I had Religions of the West at 3:00, and my art class at 4:00. I had my 60+ question art exam that day, but I felt extremely good about it! Needless to say, I was very worn out after today.


  • 9/24/2015: Thursday is my favorite day of the week. Only one class! Sadly it’s at 8:00 in the morning. After my econ class was over I headed to the DSU to pick up a care package from my mom, then cleaned my desk up (I tend to keep things in an organized chaos). Spent the rest of my day watching Netflix, specifically How to Get Away with Murder. After that nice Netflix binge I went to the gym and did cardio for about an hour. Picked up a salad from Regattas and ate in my dorm, then took a shower and went to yoga with my roommate, Eric. After that I stayed for a second yoga class with my friend, Lauren. Got dinner with Eric, Lauren, and Marissa at Panera after that. Nice to end a healthy day with a healthy meal!


From this week I have learned that living a calm college life requires a balance of downtime and uptime, much like yin and yang. While it’s very important to excel in one’s work at school, it’s also important to make sure you aren’t drowning yourself in the process. Dividing your time up between studying, writing papers, watching Netflix, social time with friends, etc. is vital for surviving in college. I, like most of my friends, have my schedule on my phone and follow it religiously. By doing this it makes it so I’m always on track with what needs to be done for the day. Sometimes, though, I divert from my schedule; which can result in added stress, angry dispositions, and late-night study sessions. For the most part I stick to my regimen relatively well, which I believe could be a reason why I’m not as stressed as some of my peers.

Even simple things such as the hall rules helped me in adjusting to college. Simple, humane rules such as being quiet during after hours, and a well-respected speaking tradition helped aid my shift into the next phase of my life. I went to a high school with little drama (that I was involved in, at least), but I truly feel a sense of community here. Everyone I’ve encountered at this school is very kind and supportive; faculty and staff alike. A core advisor is also definitely a vital aspect to the college transition.

Having a core advisor for aided me in feeling better prepared for college. A core advisor acts as a compass for college; guiding you for which classes you should take, directs you to other outlets for help such as tutoring, and even acts as a social outlet to vent to certain issues about. A core advisor to me is like a more personal version of a guidance counselor, for lack of better words.

All of these aspects and many more made the transition to college as smooth as butter. From friendly faculty, a warm social environment, to simple mutual respect all made my transition to CNU a simple one. Even more importantly, my schedule is my lifeline for college. It tells me when to wake up, when to go to class, and even when to relax and spend time with my friends or just be by myself.


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