What the Internet may be hiding from you

As part of my personality, I am very introverted and this transfers into my learning style in the sense that I am much more of a thinker and listener as opposed to being a talker. When I get information I like to sit and really process it. I relate to information in a sub-level or relate more to the author or simply agree with the point of view, rather than making specific connections based on a random fact I have read. Due to this, I like to receive my information through reading online or taking notes from my textbooks. I also have a deep love for animals which makes it so I am able to learn from being hands on and connecting without speaking.


This is really interesting because my computer and search engine have figured out that I am not a fan of Obama or liberal ideals. I know that my google has little information about me to go off of, because it is a new computer which is also logged into my school account that’s relatively new. The only reason I could understand them assuming I don’t love Obama is because I have communicated to the College Republicans Club via email, which is the same google account.


It is obvious by my field notes that I collect a lot of different information each day, mostly from the school or from my classes. I intent to stay involved in the things I do, and it is obvious I also like to stay active on social media and stay up to date with my friends and family. Other than that I don’t think a lot of generalizations can be made about my field notes because each day is so different from the last and we are constantly giving out and receiving information, whether it’s explicitly said or implied online.

I know that my filter bubble is there to bring up sites that Google finds relevant to me based on my past searches and other sites that I visit. I frequently get ads from Dover Saddlery because I browse their website often to look for more horse supplies that I may need. I also used to get a lot of ads at the top of the pages for sites and programs that “could help me improve my SAT score by 200” or would “boost my ACT score by 5”. These are obviously because I used to do online practices and so the internet remembered that and kept bringing it up because they thought I might want more. The internet has filter bubbles to make things easier on their consumers and to only show you things they think you want to see. If you use the internet to stay updated on current events, it will likely gather enough information to determine whether you are democratic or republican and in the future will only bring up articles and sites that it thinks are relevant to you.

I felt it was a good idea to add the following image because why wouldn’t I add an adorable puppy and little girl into my post?! But really, I took the following photo on the day that my roommate and I went to the dog festival event.

dalmation- dog festival

It seemed like a good thing to add because I did learn a lot about the animals while at the event, but also because of the girl in the background with her face painted. The way the light hits her face in the photo, she looks so fake and unreal. I think it could be symbolical of how things may look the same but not be the same and on the internet it’s especially hard to distinguish fact from truth when you’re not seeing everything for what it is.

My story supports the ideas that not everyone learns in a typical fashion or from just listening and taking notes. Some people need to learn from being hands on and proactive. I love animals which means I am constantly around them and because they don’t speak, you have to effectively be able to communicate without using words. They also can’t read so writing a note to them won’t help. If people were more in tune to their unspoken language they’d also be able to communicate more effectively and maybe people could realize someone’s not a threat before they shoot them or start a fight. I know people talk to me differently because I am a white female who is well-off. Some people feel that it is unfair because I haven’t done anything to deserve it, but I know I am lucky and my parents have worked very hard to be able to support me. I have had internet access whenever I needed it and have been able to communicate however I wanted. The few times I didn’t have access to internet was because I was vacationing or doing something else that is well worth it.


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