A Rhetorical Analysis: Riverfront Swim Club

Growing up in Chesapeake, Virginia, there were many things for my family and I to do during the summer months. We lived closed to Virginia Beach, The Zoo, Busch Gardens, and plenty of malls and parks. My family and I usually tried to experience it all, but my favorite days by far were spent laying by the pool with my friends in family. Ever since i was about 4 years old, my parents took our family to The Riverfront Swim Club to spend many of our summer days. As I child, I loved being able to swim with my firends, ride down the slide, and eat lunch on the poolside. Many of my childhood memories took place at this swim club.

The Riverfront Swim Club is a private swimming pool located in Suffolk, Va. It was established in 2002, and to this day welcomes members of all kinds to enjoy its facilities. Secluded in a suburban neighborhood, the Riverfront Swim Club is truly a hidden gem. Members are required to pay an annual fee which allows them access to a swimming pool, lounge area, concession stand, plus volley ball and tennis courts. The Riverfront Swim Club is a perfect spot for families, children, adults, and teens to cool off and relax during the hot summer months. More information about the Riverfront can be found on the club’s website, which will certainly persuade any reader to think about joining this excellent organization.

Screenshot (1)As soon as you view the website, a sense of ethos is extremely prominent. The website is clearly very well put together by a company or organization that paid good money to make it that way. Wanting the webisite to be visually engaging and easy to navigate shows that it comes from a reliable owner. The eye capturing picture of the pool itself along with the club’s logo makes the website appealing to the eye. The beautiful picture of the pool shows that the club possesses lovely architecure and is located in an area surrounded with the beauty of nature. The tabs at the top of the page allow the reader to easily access information about the club’s events, departments, etc. These tabs conveniently show everything the club has to offer. From first glance, it is easy to see that the pool has an array of activities and amenities to enjoy. The website’s overall appearance shows the reader that the club is both alluring and organized, which persuades he/she to want to go there.


Through enticing pictures, the Riverfront Swim Club website also uses pathos. The home page does this by displaying a picture of a serene pool and the beautiful wetland surrounding it. The website even posts photo albums, with the title of the albums being phrases such as “Summer Fun” and “Birthday Bash”. The albums include pictures of the club’s members enjoying the pool and its amenities. For example, one of the albums shows this picture of a little girl making her way down the pool’s slide. A picture of this manner would encourage any mother or father to want to bring their children there. The photos persuade the viewer to belive that the club is a fun and exciting place to spend time with friends and family during the summer.


The website uses logos under the information tab, found on the home page. In this tab, the viewer can find the club’s contact information, including phone numbers, email addresses, the address of the club. It even includes a map showing where the club is located. It also provides the hours and dates when the pool is open for operation. The tab also shows payment options and prices for membership. All of this information is straight forward and helpful to any person interested in joining the swim club. It persuades the readers to want to visit the club by showing them how easy it is to drive there, call the club, or email the manager there.

The Riverfront Swim Club website, just like any online source, uses the tactics of persuasion to influence the reader. This website in particular uses ethos, pathos, and logos to persuade its viewers to want to join the swim club. A reading titled “Persuasive power: The Importance of Ethos, Pathos and Logos” explains just how powerful these tactics can be when it says “These three core pillars of persuasion set the foundation for connection between the audience and the speaker to be achieved.” I believe that the Riverfront Swim Club website effectively uses all three of these devices to connect with their audience.

source: http://www.riverfrontswimclub.com/


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