An Analysis on Visiting Williamsburg

Any source whether it is factual or bias, tends to have some sort of technique in order to persuade its audience. The author may not realize consciously that they are writing this way, but that is why an analysis is required. An analysis is a detailed examination of the elements or structure of something, which leads to a discussion of interpretation (Google). Although there are many ways to analyze a source through psychoanalysis or its relationship with social aspects, I have decided to analyze this source through the deconstruction of the text, the author’s style, and persuasive techniques used with in the text.  Lauren 1

Deconstruction is the break down of something large into smaller pieces that are easier to understand. One could look past all the text of this website and simply examine the page layout. It begins with a beautiful slideshow of recent photos of tourists and locals enjoying all that Yorktown has to offer. Following this, the author gives a short summary of Yorktown including all its
attractions and history revolved aroundlauren 3
it. To the side, the author allows the viewer to make sleeping arrangements with a list of activities to do and lots of contact information. Lastly, there are several tabs to click on that give more specific details that the reader could be interested in. Each of these tabs is paired with a photo which entices the viewer to click on it. From the layout alone, one could conclude that the author is quite organized and relies heavily on visuals in order to capture the readers attention. Once a tab has been chosen, the website redirects the viewer to another page that shares the details of the specific topic of interest. They each have a picture, video, and text to give the reader all the information they were searching for.

The author’s style refers to the way he or she individually writes. Many
people write in different ways in olauren 2rder for their voice to be heard clearly through the text or to persuade their audience in some way. In this source, the author uses a lot of imagery to make the reader believe they are in Yorktown as they are reading and persuades them to visit Yorktown to see all its sights. A perfect example of this occurs when the author says, “Visit Yorktown and discover a place known for both its waterfront charm and its famous battles. Stroll through the boutique shops and grab a delicious bite to eat at one of the restaurants at Historic Yorktown’s Riverwalk Landing; then wander along the York River’s sandy beach. As you walk up the hill toward Main Street’s art galleries and antique shops—pausing to admire the town’s 18th century architecture—it may be hard to imagine that fierce fighting ever took place nearby.” By using, I was able to identify certain words that were used a lot in the first summary. Surprisingly, ‘you’ was used just as frequently as ‘Yorktown.’ This comparison shows that the author’s main purpose is to persuade ‘you’ to go to ‘Yorktown.’ Instead of making a connection to the reader, he or she makes it a point to use words like ‘you’ instead of ‘we’ or ‘us.’

Many persuasive techniques were used throughout this source, but the most popularly used were ethos and pathos. Ethos refers to the ethical appeal to convince the reader of the author’s credibility or character. For example, the author writes,“Yorktown was critical in both the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. At Yorktown Battlefield, part of the National Park Service’s Colonial National Historical Park, you can see where George Washington secured America’s independence in 1781” which shows that he or she has knowledge on the topic. Even though we do not know who the author is, we can infer that he or she knows enough about this subject in order to be a credible source. Pathos refers to an emotional appeal to convince the reader to feel a certain way because of the text. An example of this would be, “Indoor galleries and exhibits tell the powerful stories of men, women and children who lived during the war. Outside, a recreated military encampment depicts life in the military including the use of medicine in Colonial times.” This exert from the website shows that the author wants to make its audience feel bad about the war and those who suffered in it. By appealing to the viewers emotions, the author can real them in and persuade them to see what war life was like.

The author may or may not have consciously added all the persuasive techniques, compositions or styles that I noted in my analysis, but he or she did well with writing persuasively and effectively. The website design was helpful and organized for someone interested in planning a trip to Yorktown. The author incorporated his or her own style which was intriguing and stuck out in comparison to other travel guides and price tags. His or her use of modes of persuasion were executed correctly in a way that one would become interested if they had never heard of Yorktown. Though many may not see this source, one would find it hard to resist visiting Yorktown and all its activities.


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