Auto- Ethnographic Life of A Student Athlete

Kelvin Holloway
September 16, 2015
English 123

Auto- Ethnographic Life of A Student Athlete

Field Notes:
1. Football schedule- your life is based around that schedule, that you are committed too.
2. Film- Watching the other the team to team what specialize they consume.
3. Signal for that play- recognize a signal called in by the offense to stop them from scoring.
4. Plan for the practice (rehearsal)- how to prepare for the opponent.
5. Recognize – a play from the information giving to us by the film.
6. Study assignments- to know needs to be done on the field.
7. Perfect plays make perfects practices in order to make it a habit to have good tendency during game day.
8. Obj. to a scout defensive player- to make sure the 1st string is ready for the game. (All Recorded on September 14, 2015)
Auto-ethnography is a form of self-reflection, and writing that explores the reacher’s personal experience and connects. This auto ethnography is about a personal experience of the life of a student-athlete at CNU. Your schedule will be based around which sport you are committed to. You will understand the role it plays and understand what goes inside of a life of a football player.
Football schedule will be your life because, your life is based around that schedule that you are committed too. Your football schedule is given by your coach that you must follow to be success on the field and off. Knowing your football schedule by heart can help you know when you will have time to do homework; study; communicate with professor and more. This also teaches you how to manage your time wisely. You have to adjust your personal life along with school life to make sure your still obeying the schedule you were giving by your coaches. Learning how to balance you football schedule with your school life is a major issue. For example, core advisor meetings and athletic advisor meetings are suppose to be the same but, you have to go to both and you have to learn how to communicate with your advisor to let them know that you have certain stuff to do.
Film watching the other team to see what special tactics they consume to better prepares you to win the game. The coaching staff usually provides game film and it gives you information about a particular team you are going against that week. The coaches usually use a website called Hudl. The more you watch film the more accustom you will be when it comes to their offense, defense, or special teams. Reading coverage’s is something your offensive players need to be able to tell the difference between coverage’s. Knowing the coverage’s will tell you the ‘hot’ read versus a blitz, what routes your receivers should be running, and where your quarterback should be throwing the ball. Blocking responsibilities will be determined by how the opposing defense lines up. Knowing detailed information and possible variations about each front will help prepare your team to execute your scheme correctly. When recognizing the blitz Receivers may run ‘hot’ or short routes if a blitz occurs or your running backs may have to stay in the backfield to help your protection. When your players understand where the blitz is coming from, they are better able to adjust protections or routes to exploit weaknesses in the defense. It’s also a good way to see what you need to Focus on what you did incorrectly in your last game or practice; whether that be the way a specific play was ran, reading the defense, or our overall strategy. Figure out exactly what series of plays or decisions caused the problem and make sure the players learn the correct way to run the play. Yet, you can find out your bread and butter or theirs are. The term bread and butter simply means that they are you’re for sure go to place that you think you can score automatically or can stop the defense with no problem at all.
Signal for a play is recognize a signal called in by the offense to stop them from scoring or a certain call from the defense to give your team the slight advantage to score is one of the key aspects that is shown in film or pointed to our attention by coach when we are in the heat of the battle. You being able to identify a particular call could give you team the edge in the probability stand point of the game, in numerous ways.
Recognizing a play from the information giving to us by the film is also another way to giving your to the highest probability to win. If you are the quarterback and you call an audible to counter the attack from the defense then that call possible give the team points that puts them over the edge. This leads back to watching also because in film you can isolate everything by position. Defensive linemen, running backs, quarterbacks, send speficic playlists of important plays to each of your positions groups. This helps better analyze the players and schemes they will be going against. For example send your wide receivers all of the great plays by your upcoming opponents’ defensive backs. For example for CNU the offense signal is “piss piss piss” meaning that the quarterback will get the ball on a one count.
Plan for the practice (rehearsal) which helps you prepare for the opponent. And Perfect plays make perfects practices in order to make it a habit to have good tendency during game day go hand and hand. One you have to know your strengths and weakness during the rehearsals of practice. So you can edited the schedule to make sure you turn your weakness into strength. Which can help your players make key plays to help their team out. This leads to Study assignments makes know what needs to be done on the field. Which leads back to the top of the list in the paragraph. Perfect plays comes from practicing good habits in practice so, when it gets to the game your use to the good habits to help provide plays for your team. This is something that is used in the NFL, because is a certain does’t work they automatically throw the play away.
Objective of being a scout defensive player is to make sure the first string is ready for the game. The scout team defensive is the team to were we have to play the role of the opposing team, which in this case would be their defense. With that being said, each play the offense runs we have to line up and react the same way our opponent would to give the first string offense a chance to visualize what would happen during the real game. Before each play we look at a card to line up to what is shown, that was from the film that the coaches recently studied . Most of the time the card is pretty accurate and the job get’s done. The test usually shows during game time verse the opposing team. This relates to the NFL when they say the term practice team. So of the same situations the scout team does the practice squad in the NFL do the same.
In conclusion, knowing what your schedule is and how to balance your schedule with your personal life and school life is one thing you will have to learn if you want to become a student athlete. Being a student athlete is very difficult when you attend a school that cares more about the academics and the honor code. You have to make time for everything you do and know how to weigh a plethora of things to achieve your goals. Student athletes do a plethora of things during the day and the cranium is usually full of things to remember, but your going to have to push through the struggle in order to obtain your goals. (article Richard can relate to the football schedule that affected his life.) (I found this video interesting because this is a person that can relate to what I go through each day I’m in college.


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