Find The Beauty in You: MochaGirl Jewelry


MochaGirl Jewelry is a site for anyone to go and shop for the latest trends. MochaGirl sells everything from necklaces to handbags. These items are not hand made, but they are resold at reasonable prices. I am familiar with MochaGirl because the owner is actually my mom. My mom has always had a passion for fashion, and she would always talk about starting a business where she can sell her own jewelry. Since the creation of MochaGirl Jewelry my mom has been highly invested in making her business name known around the world. You can find Mochagirl Jewelry on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WordPress.

MochaGirl Jewelry:

“I am a California girl. I love the warm weather, the beaches and the sun shining all of the time. Since relocating to the East Coast, I now have to adjust to cold weather, rain and snow. The one thing I do enjoy, however, is the fall.”

In this paragraph, the author is using a type of pathos to appeal to the audience. Using words such as weather, California, cold, fall, East coast, etc. might connect to the reader in a way where her jewelry site brings them happiness and a sense of home. Bringing out the audience’s inner emotions helps them connect to the MochaGirl site even more than if they could not relate to it.


To catch her audiences attention the author, Tracey Hairston, would post eye popping pictures that would help the audience visual what she is trying to describe in her post.“The picture above is a 1949 Ad for a unique cuff with a ruby center…”   1949

The author is demonstrating logos through this specific picture and quote. She is trying to advertise handcuffs by saying that even women in the 1940’s wore beautiful handcuffs. This can appeal to the audience by showing that old trends always make their way back around to a new fashionable trend.

“MochaGirl Jewelry is not only known for its trendy earrings and necklaces but for those timeless pieces as well.”

The author is showing her credibility in this quote by saying, “MochaGirl is known for…”, and this shows that she is known in more than just one place. is a website where you can go and shop online.  Also, certain words such as trendy, Jewelry, timeless, and you shows that she is an older female trying to appeal to women who are trying to feel young and beautiful again. She uses those words to persuade her audience that beauty is forever. WordItOut-word-cloud-1180602

untitled (4)

This photo is another form of ethos the author is trying to use to show that she is well organized and professional in her business. This is a picture of one of her vending booths she sets up when invited to fashion shows or house events. When she makes an appearance at events her name is name being passed around so that people know her jewelry business.

“I Love finding new pieces of jewelry! I found these and others in a small Peruvian shop in Baltimore.”

The author is using a type of identification to relate to other females. She is assuming her audience likes to discover new things that make them happy as well, and also that she is adventurous. untitled (5)

In the communicating article,, the author makes some good points about the stereotypes placed on men and women with their writing styles. For example, “…men are believed to know more “hard facts,” while women are better at nurturing and getting along with people…” The MochaGirl site’s tone is friendly and enthusiastic, so in a way that stereotype is true.  The author is trying to relate to her audience so they know she is their average, everyday working woman trying to share her passion with fashion.

Rhetoric was being used in many ways to persuade an audience whether it was pathos, logos, or ethos. She was definitely drawing in her audience with pathos because evoking some type of emotion is the best way to persuade when the audience can relate to the author on a personal level.

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