Heide’s Point: A Spiritual Journey for One

Located in the vast marshes of Poquoson, Virginia, there lays a small, private beach located at the end of Beach Road named Heide’s Point. Originally named after Heide Laura Cayouette, there stands a lighthouse at the entrance of the beach with a plaque dedicated in her name on it. Although this private beach has been closed for quite awhile, that does not keep the inhabitants of Poquoson from venturing beyond the gates and exploring its serene shoreside. Many people from Poquoson and surrounding cities come to Heide’s Point to peacefully walk the shoreline or dip their toes in cool water during the hotter months. Heide’s Point is considered to be a place of sojourn and relaxation which Mr. Brutally Honest from the religious blog site brutallyhonest.org depicted greatly in this article about this secret spot. The author of this article, although anonymous, provided the reader with a descriptive experience of the beach by using rhetorical strategies including, pathos, logos, and ethos.

lighthouse 2
The author evoked pathos by the tone the article and the choice of words. The article had a relaxing tone throughout which made the reader feel how peaceful Heide’s Point is. The author referred to the beach as an “oasis,” pristine, beautiful, and even titled the article, “An Oasis of Devotion.” By using words with such a positive and appealing connotation the author expresses the pleasantness of going to Heide’s Point. Also since the article is on a religious website so most of the readers are those seeking religious influence or advice. The author appeals to the pathos of religious readers by the website’s layout. Located at the top features a banner with words about religions, and other forms of scripture. The banner welcomes those seeking religious influences and sanctuary as soon as they enter the website which persuades the reader to continue reading other articles.

sunset               lighthouse
The author also uses the rhetorical strategies ethos and logos to persuade the reader of the uplifting experience of going to Heide’s Point. The author mentions that he only lives six miles from the beach itself. The author starts the article off with, “6 miles. 6 miles from my house,” this proves to the reader that the author has actually gone to the beach which makes his account more believable. The author also includes many pictures on the website of the numerous times he explored the beach which helps to support his descriptions. The author evokes logos by providing a small map of the location of the beach. He states that the beach is located at the end of Beach Road, but providing the map helps the reader to actually see the location and possibly find the beach if they decide to experience the beauty of Heide’s Point themselves.
Although this article was more nonconventional than typical informational websites about landmarks, it still provided an excellent account of Heide’s Point and represented its beauty and tranquility well.



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