Morgan Run: The Perfect Park for a Beautiful Day

Who doesn’t love a beautiful day in the park? One where you have lots of options of what to do, where you have great scenery to look at, and a peaceful environment to enjoy with loved ones. The Morgan Run State Park website seems to think that their park would be the best to accommodate that day.  Just by the layout of their website, you automatically feel welcome.

morgan run website

The left hand column has a plethora of different links to information about all activities and anything you would need to know about the park. The website designer was smart in laying out the site like this because all the information is right there so you don’t have to do any searching which not only makes it user friendly, but also shows that there is a lot of options available. In addition, the right hand column is specific to online services. In society nowadays, nobody wants to call someone or take a drive to get information or sign up for something, which is obviously known by the website designers. Sunday Review’s article called The New Digital Divide says, “Over the last decade, cheap Web access over phone lines brought millions to the Internet.” Now that so many people are on the internet, the park will make more money from events and have more people visit because of their easy to use website and large variety of options.

Speaking of user friendly, the park itself is very user friendly according to the site. In the ‘Features’ section it says, “A wheelchair accessible platform for fly fishing is available to anglers at Morgan Run Natural Environment Area. For additional accessible amenities in Maryland State Forests and Parks, visit the Accessibility For All section of this website.” Many places would not advertise this on their home page nor, have an easily accessible link for it. This shows that the park puts high priority in the comfort of their visitors. In addition, The New York Times says in their article about surveillance, “Technologists have worked tirelessly to re-engineer the security of the devices that surround us, along with the language of the Internet itself.” While security is not an issue with this site, the language is perfect for the audience. It is easy to read and maneuver around the site to find all the information needed right on the home page.

Another form of persuasion used by the designers was images. It is commonly known that people are attracted to colorful pictures that have beautiful scenery in it. This was taken advantage of for sure by the Maryland State Park website for Morgan Run Park. On the home page of the site is an image of the stunning view at the park.

moran run

This picture appeals to pathos because it entices people and makes them want to go to the park. The view in the image portrays that a person would enjoy a relaxing time at the park with a stunning view if they went which persuades people to go there.

There is a very strong sense of ethos within the website as well. This ethos is evident as soon as you look at the page due to all of the links and options. In general, the links and detailed sections of the website shows the amount of knowledge possessed by the creators and the employees which increases credibility. More specifically, under the ‘Hunting’ section, there is a link for a guide as well as a link for a map with information about where to go. By providing these links right on the front page, it makes people want to go to the park because they have all of their information they need very accessible to them. This is also evident on the left hand column where they provide directions for people coming from different areas. This shows that they took time and to accommodate people coming from all places.


This word cloud, created online, shows the most common words used on the home page of the Maryland State Park site for Morgan Run. Obviously, ‘Morgan’ and ‘Run’ are the most common because it is the name. However, ‘Hunting,’ ‘Trails,’ and ‘Valley’ are big as well. This shows that the site often discusses them, showing the many options offered at the park. Also, ‘e-mail’ is medium sized which shows another way to get in touch with the park. This is another way that they are user friendly, accommodating, and accessible.

It never crossed my mind that park website could be persuasive, but I was very wrong. The Maryland State Park site for Morgan Run Park has many persuasive aspects. The layout plays a huge part in retaining interest because it is the first thing noticed in a site. In this website specifically, it created ethos due to all the links and directions provided. It also appealed to pathos based on images. The word cloud showed the most common words as the activities offered which is a welcoming aspect because the site is user friendly making it simple so people don’t have to search for information. Based on this website, one would be able to enjoy a day at Morgan Run.


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