Top Notch Eventing


To begin this assignment, it is essential that anyone reading knows what rhetoric means, and not just the teacher or professors definition of it but the legitimate dictionary definition. According to the online Oxford Dictionary, Rhetoric is how you use figures of speech and devices to effectively persuade the audience. This is necessary and related to my post because obviously Katie is going to be attempting to persuade someone to buy her horses.

Search strategies

To get more information, I had to do some research online. I know that Katie Willis has a Facebook page and personal website for the company Top Notch Eventing, but because she runs those I chose to use an outside source. EquineNow is a website which is known for allowing people to sell basically anything in the equine industry. They wrote a short bio about Katie as a reference for potential buyers, and then listed the horses she has for sale and the horses she has sold since opening Top Notch Eventing. All I did to get to this page was search Top Notch Eventing in google.

Motive for writing

Obviously due to the nature of the website and the purpose of her business, the reason for the writing is to sell horses. They are going to speak using rhetorical devices as a way of convincing others that Katie is a reputable horse trainer and that all of her horses are nice quality animals. This is what makes people want to buy her horses, because they have information and can realize that she does take her horses far and trains them well. She also allows potential buyers to get a pre-purchase vet check and they are welcome to come meet and tryout whichever horse they are interested in.

sale horses

rhetoric in text

Katie predominantly uses ethos and logos in her writing, because she wants someone to buy her horses but she wants it to be a good fit as well. She doesn’t use pathos because she doesn’t want people to think her horses aren’t treated well or that they are in dire need of a new home, when of course she takes great care of them.  They use ethos by mentioning that she is a three star advanced eventer and that she can train horses of any level or needs. This shows her experience and implies that she obviously knows what she’s doing. The main logos is the facts about how many horses she’s sold and all of her accomplishments in showing in the horse world. She also uses an image of her in a higher level competition to show how far she was able to take Polar and that also establishes the credibility.

katie bio

katie and polar

Social/political goals of writer

The goals of the writer is that whoever edited and posted on behalf of Katie would also like to get attention on their page because if a horse sells then they will get a small profit for being advertisement. I don’t think there are really any political goals because the sale of a horse is nonrelated to politicians, other than people spending the money simulates the economy. I guess she may not be targeting any political party or gender or race, but the page does target a specific class of people. Not everyone can afford top quality horses and Katie is aware of this. Her horses that are priced expensively are worth much more than others because they will take their owner’s far in competitions and are simply good horses. Her cheaper horses are more for people who are not as competitive or can’t afford as much. They are still great horses but have had less training or are hard keepers.


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