Morning Side Stables

Morning Side Stables

At Battle brook 

A Rhetorical Analysis on a local farm

Written by Abby Rush


Morning Side Stables is a horse farm located on 32 acres of land in the heart of the historic Manassas Battlefield.  It was opened in May of 2015 by Stephen and Tara Ward.  Morning side stables offer boarding, a riding school, and leasing opportunities. According to the owners, the goal is “to teach all of our students- boy, girl, man or woman- a love for horses and the skills needed to go wherever that love takes you.”  They are passionate about helping their client’s experience the love that the owners have for horses.  They can accommodate all different riding levels from first time riders, intermediate riders, to helping people return to riding, and even horse owners.   Another great thing the farm offers is spring and summer pony camps.  The camp includes many fun activities including grooming and horsemanship lessons, riding, arts and crafts, games and more. These are great The prices are reasonable and the things you can do at Morning Side stables are endless and can be viewed here.

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Ethos, Logos, Pathos and Images are all very prominent in this company’s website.  This is to ensure it reaches all the right aspects for clients and that it promotes the business well.  Ethos is used to capture the great moments and show the amazing time that can be had at Morning Side Stables.  The website is well organized and the information is easily accessible.  It makes any viewer want to ride horses!  Logos is used in the information aspect of this website.  It includes the different pages containing the address, phone numbers, emails, and prices, as well as a map of the trails that the riders have access to.  Pathos is also very present in the website because it gives off a feeling of care and the love for horses that the owners want you to have.  From the pictures on the website, you can see how much fun the children are having, it makes you want to experience it as well.  The images really tie the page together.  The viewer gets to see the beautiful views from the farm and it really brings the whole idea of it together.  Visualization means a great deal to people and it makes them more comfortable with things, especially new things. You can tell from this website that they are very encouraging towards their future clients. Getting on a horse for the first time, or approaching it again after many years can be intimidating but with the help of their amazing instructors, anything can be achieved!

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