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“Education is not preparation of life. It is life itself.” –John Dewey


Homeschooling has become very popular in the U.S. over the past sixteen years, and according to homeschooling is a great way for a children to receive individual attention from their parents that they wouldn’t their teachers. Also, a homeschooled child can learn any topic at any time, and this kind of schedule keeps a child interested in the topics they are learning. Home schooled children have more freedom to do as they please versus a public school that requires a strict schedule for students to follow. “The majority of time children spend in school is not spent focusing on academic subjects; it is spent waiting in lines, waiting for other students to be done with their work, waiting for the teacher to move on to another subject, waiting for recess, waiting for lunch” (AllAboutParenting 2002). This site uses anaphora to emphasize the time wasted going to a public school. Repeating the word “waiting” might give the audience a feeling of boredom and fatigue. AllAboutParenting stated, “Despite shorter schooling hours, homeschoolers have consistently scored at or above average in virtually all subject areas on standardized tests”.  The chart to the left shows that children who are homeschooled score figure2.gif30% higher on academic test than children who go to public school do. While homeschooling seems to increase a child’s academic performance, also states how homeschooling also increases the relationship between child and their family,”…  Extended periods of time together strengthen family relationships, not only between the child and his parents, but also with his siblings. As they get to know each other, the family members form bonds that last a lifetime”.   

Homeschooling might sound like rainbows and butterflies but every good thing is followed by a bad. According to, homeschooling takes away the time from parents to do their jobs as working parents. When your kids are homeschooled they need more attention, and as their teacher you have to keep them on track with their work. Also, as a homeschooling parent you would have to spend more money on school supplies than a public school. A public school might only require a child to supply pencils and paper, but when you are homeschooled you have to supply the course materials on top of the basics. Say if you had to teach your child a chemistry lab you would have to buy the necessary equipment to properly teach them about the course (MiddleSchool). Homeschooling also requires a lot of patience and skill. thUBGJD8TRTeachers went to college specifically for educating children. Some parents might think it is easy to just teach a lesson to their child because they went to school, but if you don’t know a subject as well as the others you might find yourself re-teaching yourself  and your child, in other words you are unfit to homeschool your kids (Whattoexpect 2012). Socially, a child might struggle with fitting in with big groups when homeschooled, “Homeschooled children may not have as many opportunities to interact with other children in comparison to children who attend regular schools. Forming bonds and socializing with children their own age is important for the child’s developmental health and development of social skills” (MiddleSchool).

While each website provided their own opinions regarding homeschooling, my stance leans toward both negative and positives of homeschooling, but more towards the negatives. Growing up I noticed at a young age my cousins on my mom side were always home and didn’t go to a public school like I did. I thought it was pretty awesome when I was young, but as I got older I started to notice some behavioral issues that developed as they hit their teenage years. The oldest cousin who is around my age started to sneak out the house and go to parties his parents would never allow him to go to. While he was sneaking out his younger brothers started to catch on to what he was doing and started to sneak out with him. You’d want to join the fun too wouldn’t you? Imagine if you had strict Christian parents who controlled every second of your life. I don’t know about you, but I’d sneak out too. You might argue that it depends on the parents and how strict they are and I agree, but the youngest cousin, and the only girl, is very different from the boys. Her name is Shay and I noticed at a young age she lacked certain social skills that could have helped her in fitting into certain peer groups. Shay tries to join clubs and sports but just can’t seem to find herself and quits. I feel like if Shay went to public school she would have been able to find herself as well as a peer group just like her. Why did the youngest end up having the worst social skills? In my honest opinion, after a while, it was hard to put in the same effort of homeschooling into Shay like it was with the older cousins, leaving her in the dark to struggle with fitting in. Despite the rebellious behavior and the lack of social skills, being homeschooled allowed them to learn multiple languages at their own speed. In a regular public school, you have to have a certain amount of years of one language in order to move on to any others. Also with extra freedom comes the opportunity to graduate earlier than children in public schools because of the speed you chose to learn certain topics.

Homeschooled children are not obtaining the social skills needed to succeed in the real world. When it is time to find a job it will be hard for those children to work with those who are different than them. While a homeschooled child might have been taught in a laid back household, they might face stressful situations they might not know how to handle. Homeschooling in the U.S. should only be allowed for students who are having a tough time keeping up in school or making friends.





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