Soccer Across America (Rhetorical Analysis)



Soccer Across America is a very helpful and positive way to encourage kids and adults who do not have soccer leagues around them to get involved and get started on creating a soccer community. Established in the late 1990’s, Soccer Across America gives less fortunate children the opportunity to find a passion.

“Focused on making soccer available to lower-income children in undeserved communities. Soccer has not always reached the inner city & rural communities inhabited by all economic and ethnic groups.”

This is an example of pathos due to the fact that this article is trying to persuade other groups and organizations to support and establish the “Soccer Across America” program into their current organization to spread information and allow underprivileged children the opportunity to play soccer. Most audiences, when hearing about deprived children, feel a sense of remorse and want to help to improve their lives. Soccer Across America is one way to help those underprivileged children become involved in the community and play a sport that they love. The use of many negatives such as “lower-income children” and “underserved communities” gives one the idea that they are truly helping out someone or a child in need when they get involved in a resource such as Soccer Across America.

“Soccer is the fastest growing sport in America.”

This is an example of logos due to the fact that this article is trying to persuade the reader by including facts and or what the reader may consider to be a fact. According to many different websites, soccer is the fastest growing sport in America, but it depends on the source that you encounter.

“How do you participate? Simply contact your representative Soccer Across America committee member by using the e-mail addresses listed.”

This example is appealing to the general public because it shows people how easy it is to contact someone and get associated with an organization such as this. Most organizations make communication with someone within that organization easy for the general public and this is one example of them doing just that. People will be more inclined to make an effort to reach out when it can be done quickly and easily. Personally having experience with this organization, the contact was key and it was done efficiently.

“Focused on making soccer available to lower-income children in underserved communities, Soccer Across America provides soccer training and administrative guidance to players and organizations who might otherwise not be exposed to the sport.”

Using the same quote from one of the above analysis it really brings a focus to class. Those lower-income families and children that cannot afford to place their child in an organized sport and or that do not have an organization that reaches out to them due to their circumstances. It makes the reader of this article consider their class and their stance in their community and how it is similar and or different from a lower income class member. It also ties in with pathos again because it portrays an emotional and potentially sensitive topic for some.

“Soccer Across America programs are run locally by existing clubs and leagues, by Boys and Girls Clubs and Y’s, by neighborhood and parks and recreation departments. There is no one size fits all model for Soccer Across America. ”

This section more focuses on how their is no specific gender or race or what have you that is involved with Soccer Across America. It reaches out to all children and communities across the country and gives everyone an equal chance to become a part of it. This is important because it is not targeting any one class or selection of people.

This article also uses logos when displaying their contact information, where they are located etc. This helps the general public and gives them all the basic information that they need. The way that this article is generally worded reaches out to anyone reading it, asking people to jump right on into the program and do what they can to help out. Giving all the general information and allocating all the information to get involved can help receive a better “turnout” of volunteers. This organization also gives out grants to families and children and other sports organization hat are trying to start up their own soccer clubs in areas that don’t have the money to support it.  


My personal connection to this topic is that when I was younger, my dad brought Soccer Across American right to my backyard and I met tons of kids my age who were not as fortunate as I and it allowed me to build a broader perspective on my community and way of living. After working with younger children that do not have it as good as I do humbled me in the sense that i very much appreciated my living situation and how fortunate I am and have been to have grown up with many necessities that I didn’t necessarily need.



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