A Digital World: Information Has Never Been So Accessible

In 2015 the way information is distributed throughout the world and into the brains of billions of people across the planet is dominated by the internet and digital forms of media. I know this holds true for me personally. During the span of 24 hours I might check my phone roughly 100 times. This include me going on social medias like Twitter and Instagram, browsing the internet with Safari, texting my friends, checking emails, and so on and so forth. I find that in this era of technology where computers can fit into our pockets, we are being constantly bombarded by every headline possible. I personally don’t like this and over the past few weeks I have realized that I don’t like reading or seeing news and information that I don’t care about.

front page

My solution to this is simple. Above is a screenshot of my browser, in particular a picture of Reddit.com, also known as the best website ever and as I’ve noticed during the week it’s actually my most visited website. The reason for going on Reddit so much is because it customized specifically for me. To briefly describe it, Reddit.com is a website where users can post links and text posts from all over the web into certain categories or topics, called subreddits and can then go on and discuss the post in the comment section. You can subscribe to these subreddits, for example NBA, and all of the most popular content from that subreddit will appear directly on my front page and the best part of all is that it’s a user driven website. The way that determines what is popular from each subreddit is a voting system which flushes out the bad content and supplies me with the good stuff. I absolutely love Reddit because of this. For example I adore playing the game League of Legends and so I subscribe to the League of Legends subreddit. The most popular news from the League of Legends subreddit gets put right on my front page without me having to look for it. I guess in a way that is my filter bubble.screenshit

To relate all of this to a larger issue, I believe that main media conglomerates like Fox, CNN, and NBC are extremely greedy and that they only care about money as opposed to actual reporting and journalism. They are concerned with what stories will generate the most exposure and ratings for them. This means that they ignore a lot of important stories that I believe most Americans should beaware of so they aren’t living in society completely blind to the world around them.. For me, Reddit helps me solve this problem because I get to pick the content I deem important and its driven by users, not money.



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