Should Guns be Banned?


The topic that I have selected is Gun Control. This topic has been highly debated for years, and with the new administration coming into office, it is only getting talked about more. Those with left wing views commonly want stricter laws on guns, and want to make it harder to obtain a gun legally. Those with right wing views want to preserve the rights of U.S. citizens and do not want stricter gun laws. This debate has brought upon many arguments and disagreements.

Right (Very Conservative): Breitbart News

Breitbart News is a news website, founded by conservative Andrew Breitbart. This news article written by Awr Hawkins, depicts president Obama’s failure to secure gun control. This author uses the word “failure” along with the former president’s name in the articles title to draw the attention of those that are Republican and very conservative in their beliefs. In an “exit letter” President Obama stated what his biggest regrets of his presidency were, sitting atop the list was his failure to secure gun control. Hawkins states that the gun control laws that Obama was pushing to implement after the Sandy Hook shooting would have done nothing to prevent it. This article focuses on the failures of former President Barack Obama.

Middle (Neutral): CNN

In this CNN News article written by Dan Merica the topic discussed is guns and their uses in schools. The argument is whether guns should be allowed in schools or banned. Betsy DeVos, Trump’s education secretary, responded to this argument by saying that it should be up to the states to make the decision if guns should be allowed in schools or not. This article does not have any bias to it, it represents varying opinions. Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut later tweeted how “I was shaken to the core” by DeVos remarks, and continued to say that every American parent should be too. The article does not make a final point it just brings up the many varying views of those across the political spectrum.

Middle/Left (Slightly Liberal): NPR

This NPR News article written by Laura Wagner states that gun violence should be treated as a public health crisis. Wagner includes that annually more than 30,000 people die from gun related incidents. That number is higher than many diseases, the question that comes from this statistic is why is funding for gun violence research so low? This article also includes other statistics such as the funding for other death related incidents. Cheryl Corley a NPR reporter says that research done by a Yale University sociologist shows that gun violence appears in clusters, and with time increases. Throughout this article there is nothing that implies that guns could be good for any reason, the main idea is that guns are a crisis in the U.S.

Left (Very Liberal): Salon

In this Salon news article written by Chauncey Devega, president Trump’s inaugural address is broken down. Trump depicted the U.S. as being a disaster, and having no order. Devega says that the reason Trump said these things was so that he could make himself seem like a hero, coming into save the U.S. Chauncey also stated that Trump’s primary political tools are terror and fear. The author of this article believes that Trump is using “The Walking Dead” approach including, building a wall, and using guns for defense. The author is attacking Trump and calling him out for everything possible, calling him a misogynist, and sexist. This is almost the complete opposite as the Breitbart article that attacks Obama and focuses on his failures in office.

Middle/Left: ABC News

In this news article written by Bob Salsberg the topic is the conversation on gun control and how it is changing with Trump in office. Salsberg says that Trump falsely reported that Hillary Clinton would attempt to abolish the second amendment. Other than that statement, there is not much bias in this article as it reports from both sides, including how Trump was backed by gun right groups. This article does not report if guns should be banned or not, it focuses on funding for research of firearms and gun violence. This is very similar to the NPR article about how funding should be increased as guns are becoming a bigger crisis in the U.S.

Evan Frischkorn


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