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Topic: Immigration

Fox News, Howard Kurtz- Media’s ‘chaos’ coverage of refuge ban may obscure the terror debate: 1/31/17

This news article covered the executive order signed in by President Donald Trump that bans travel for all immigrants coming from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen into the United States. By the title we can tell that Fox believes that other media sources are over hyping the story and that it has caused media ‘chaos’ which is taking away from the importance of this executive order in terms of counter terrorism. CNN for example, a more middle liberal leaning news outlet covered the same story but spoke more about the policy itself instead of the way it was implemented.  Fox tends to hold conservative views on stories but this story makes it harder to depict a clear black and white view of the political spectrum due to Trumps use of unorthodox methods to pass the executive order and Fox’s criticism of that. In the report they talk about how the executive order itself is a good one but that Trump could have utilized some of the untouched resources that surround him. Trump failed to consult any of the higher officials in national defense or immigration who may have had helpful suggestions to add to the executive order he was going to enact. This is a case where Trump disregards the formal process and does what he thinks is the right move. Trump has promised to “drain the swamp” and he has followed up on that so I am thinking he will continue to bring informal practices to the way he runs his administration. With the promise of a wall between Mexico and the United States we will see if Trump continues this trend and disregards some of the so called experts when making big decisions.


CNN, Jeremy Diamond- Trumps Latest Executive Order: Banning People from 7 Different Countries: 1/29/17

In this article Trump signed in an executive order banning immigrants from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen. CNN tends to be neutral in terms of the political spectrum but usually is slightly liberally leaning. I could tell that it held a more liberal view on this topic because it presented the actual video of Trump signing the order then continued to scrutinize some of the things he said in the video. This is significant for my topic, immigration, because this executive order is painting a clearer picture of what his stance on immigration will be in the future.  It seems like the Trump administration wants to shelter off the United States from the rest of the world more than the previous administrations. It is interesting how the more liberal news outlet, CNN, talked more about the actual effects the order will have on the people wanting to escape these violent countries whereas fox news spoke briefly about the effects and focused more on Trumps method of employing it. Both articles talked about how Trump did not even bother to ask the experts in homeland security what they thought about the matter which for me shows that the president may have alternative motives for these actions. He may simply be doing this to keep a good image among his supporters because anything counter terrorism portrays a good image. That being said these media outlets need to have a story so they will exaggerate details about the story an many times blow them out of proportion.


Wall Street journal, Rob Taylor- Trump Refuge Dispute Strains Australian Alliance: 2/1/17

This article is about the phone call that Donald Trump had with Australian prime minister that did not go well and about US Australian relations in general. Originally Obama agreed to let 1,250 refugees from Iran, Iraq, and Somalia enter the country as immigrants but after Trump’s executive order banning immigrants from those three countries and four more he has threatened to call off the deal. Wall Street Journal is a neutral news source that usually leans more to the conservative side. I could tell the article was more neutral because it started by simply quoting Donald Trump on some of his comments and presenting the facts of the story. Latter in the article it talked about the implications it could have on our alliance and influence in the pacific. If a liberal news source presented this story they definitely would have attacked Trump a lot more because he is jeopardizing one of our strong alliances. This deal puts Trump in a bit of a sticky situation because he would have to break some of the rules of his own executive order in order to let these immigrants into the country. This makes me wonder if Trump was aware of this deal before he signed the executive order on Friday. By the other news stories I read from Fox News and CNN it seemed like he didn’t consult the right people before making this big decision.


BBC- US-Australia Refugee Deal: Trump in ‘worst call’ with Turnbull: 2/2/17

This article is about the situation involving 1,250 refugees that were supposed to be sent over to the United States but because of the executive order banning immigrants from 7 countries the situation has become more complicated. BBC news is a neutral site and I can tell this because the article gave both sides of the story. Even though the last story I read on the same topic was from a more conservative outlet I found that BBC helped me see the full picture better and it scrutinized Trump less. Trump may be right when he says that the media is just targeting him because he decided to speak out against them. In this article it mentioned that Australia is refusing to let any of the refugees into their country and that the deal according to trump takes advantage of the United States. One pattern I have noticed while looking through News outlets from all over the spectrum is that American outlets tend to always hold an opinion whereas third party or neutral outlets like BBC,  tend to present the whole situation and leave the opinions to be made by the reader. Politics are very complicated so it is important that you’re not forming your opinion only based off one source. After visiting Spain this winter break I realized how important having a worldly point of view is and how being a first generation American has helped guide my views.


MSNBC, Mariana Atencio- Will Mexican’s Boy Cot US Products? 1/28/17

In this article it discusses some of the ripple effects a 20% import tax would have on the Mexican economy. According to the article it could also cause Mexicans to start boy coting US companies like Starbucks and Walmart. MSNBC tends to be a pretty liberal news source and it is easy to tell from the name of the article. The headline focuses on the possible negative outcomes that could come from implementing a 20% tax on Mexican imports. It is interesting to compare the way BBC presents its stories and the way MSNBC does because you can tell MSNBC went straight to Mexico to interview people who will be affected by this tax. They also went on about how many people on social media said they were going to be boy coting American products. They never mentioned any of the objectives of this tax and how it would fund the wall Trump has planned between the US and Mexico. Could it be possible that American media outlets are making more money and getting more attention because of the rivalry between them and President Donald Trump? Or could it be that the media outlets are trying to cover their own rear ends still because they over confidently and consistently reported that Trump would have no chance all throughout the election process?


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