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_93849716_48168175-1a37-4f09-a373-9d920092b7c9In recent media, President Donald Trump’s executive order immigration ban has received a lot of praise and backlash.  The ban barred citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States for 90 days and suspends the country’s refugee system for a 120 day period.  The executive order created tension between liberal and conservative supporters.  Despite its controversy, the executive order was a significant event in American history for bad or worse.  

As a citizen of the United States of America, it is important to maintain our security.  The social climate has become significantly more violent.  In accordance to the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill poll, in 2016 there was forty-six Muslim American cases of violent extremism.  This was higher than the annual average, twenty-seven, since 9/11 (Kurzman, 2017).  The country must work to ensure the safety of the citizens it already inhabits before it can focus on allowing immigrants to enter.  With a temporary ban on countries that have extreme levels of muslim terrorism, the government protects American lives while addressing the issue of immigration vetting.  For example, the Boston Marathon bombing was by two Islamic brothers who immigrated to the United States.  Three innocent people were killed and hundreds were injured (, 2017). With stricter restrictions on Muslim immigration, perhaps tragedies like the Boston marathon could have been avoided.  The average immigrant entering the country is put through three separate background checks (Buchanan, 2017).  This is simply not enough.    President Donald Trump’s intention of this order is for the safety of this country.  He does not believe that ALL Muslim people are terrorists but he will do whatever he can to prevent unwarranted deaths of American people and if that means adding more background checks then by all means necessary add those suckers.  Add ten, add twenty, add whatever it takes to get it right.  If it were up to me, I’d add 100.

This particular ban created by President Trump is getting so much backlash simply because of the President’s reputation.  Former President Barack Obama had a similar executive order in place yet, he did not receive half as much scrutiny than President Trump.  President Obama’s Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Improvement Act of 2015 had Iran, Sudan and Syria as state sponsors of terrorism and Iraq, Libya, Somalia and Yemen as countries of concern.  These countries were ineligible to participate in the Visa Waiver Program (Leahy, 2017).  This act has various similarities to President Trump’s executive order.  President Trump however, implemented this ban effective immediately.  He wasted no time in protecting this country.  Thousands of people were halted in airports the day he signed the order and obviously he prevented another opportunity of a terrorist attack.  Where President Obama went wrong was that he gave people too much time conjure up plans before the act was implemented.  He gave Muslim terrorists a warning before he prevented them from entering the country and all of those innocent people are dead because of him.  Thanks Obama.  This executive order protects American people and if that means breaking up innocent families for the greater good, then you have my blessing.

The ban on Muslim immigration is not directed toward all Muslim individuals.  In fact, it does not even apply to six countries with the largest Muslim populations (Leahy, 2017).  People are calling the President a racist and other unspeakable adjectives.  And for what?  Doing exactly what he said he was going to do throughout his campaign?  Why is this a shock?  Plus, the President would never block all Muslim countries from entering.  He loves Muslim people.  In fact he does some business in a few Muslim countries and those individuals are still allowed to enter (Overby & Zarroli, 2017).  If he believed all Muslim individuals are terrorists then would he trust his business in Muslim countries? The claim that the President believes that all Muslims are terrorists is untrue and if you need proof just go to his luxury hotel in Egypt.  Additionally the media is spewing wrong facts, Fox News conducted a poll and stated that 48% of people support the ban (Fox News, 2017).  Almost half of pollers believe that the ban is a positive change.  And by history we all know that the polls are accurate portrayal of the public’s opinions.

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 5.20.57 PM.png                

The opposition of this ban believes it is unfair to ban innocent Muslim people from immigrating to the country.  They go on to state that not all Muslim individuals are terrorists and it is illegal of the government to ban people based on national origin.  However, this argument basically claims that the country should allow all Muslim immigrants to enter with the restrictions already in place.  This claim is proved to have innocent people killed by Muslim terrorists who went through the vetting process which inevitably failed.  The President’s ban is a way to figure out a better process of allowing people to enter without the threat of violence.  For example, if you were given the choice to allow random immigrants from historically terroristic countries into your house would you?  Answer honestly.  Would you do it because not all Muslim people are terrorists?  Would you be scared?  The hard answer would be no.  Saying the word “no” can be described as racist but, it nevertheless is the truth.  People given this choice would probably say no.  This metaphor is no different than this ban.  It is one of the many jobs of the government to protect its citizens and if they believe this ban will protect us, then we should have faith that it will.

The Trump Muslim executive order has stirred debate within the country. Many believe it will lead to safer borders and others adamantly disapproved of its racist nature.  Stopping innocent Muslim families from entering the United states, a country based on immigration, is preposterous.  How can a first world nation take in dangerous people who are coming from war torn countries?  STOP Muslim immigration forever, Hillary for prison, Fake news, Build the wall, Make America Great Again.

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