Clean Energy: The World’s Foremost Con

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The Fuels of America: An Argument against Environmental Regulation and Clean Energy

     Every year, Americans use 25,539,000 Kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity. The vast majority of that energy consumption is comprised of the burning of petroleum oil, natural gas, and coal. In order to satisfy America’s energy needs, Americans must make nuclear-energy-hand-clip-art-at-vector-clip-artuse of the most cost-effective energy sources.

     In America, there are certain individuals that make calls to overthrow this equilibrium of the free market in the energy sector. These individuals wish to disrupt American society; they wish to pry jobs from the hands of hardworking Americans. These individuals are a coalition of anti-wealth, liberal Democrats and fraudulent scientists. If these antagonistic goals were to be satisfied, then American society would assuredly collapse under the pressures of renewable energy, clean air and water, and a culture of sustainability. In order to prevent the deterioration of the prosperous status quo, Americans must watch with vigilant eyes for malicious attacks aimed at harming this great nation.

     A key tenet of the American experiment is the capitalist system on which America has been constructed and risen to international prominence. Under a capitalist system, as long as the consumer is willing and able to purchase a good, then demand will 1000px-emblem-money-svg_drive suppliers into the market for said good. Suppliers will seek to produce goods at the lowest possible price. In the instance of energy consumption, that good is electricity, and suppliers can produce electricity at the lowest cost per unit by burning oil, natural gas, and coal. Therefore, the duty of the United States Government is to allow suppliers to produce electricity in whatever way the market dictates. The United States government has no right to mandate the actions of the market. If consumers demand a good, then suppliers must supply that good at the lowest possible price. For example, if an abundance of demanders desire heroin, then the duty of producers is to supply that heroin, even though heroin can be considered a dangerous substance. The government should never intervene in the economy in order to preserve the freedom of American markets.

     In a like manner, America was manufactured upon the backs of hard-working Americans. These patriots include 10e1343ea420330f6b9feab88665245b_cd9f3a655fa3214beb1cf0855de936-people-working-hard-clip-art_355-400miners who dare spelunk into caves to harvest coal,  drillers who carve deep into the Earth’s crust in order to procure petroleum, and frackers who risk the safety of their children’s drinking water to obtain natural gas. If the United States government were to pursue subsidies for clean energy, then not only would the government be committing a crime against capitalism by disrupting market forces, but also the government would be placing nails in the coffins of thousands of American jobs.

     As a matter of fact, government subsidies for clean energy is not the only facet in which the federal government attempts to obstruct market equilibrium. To explain, disproportionate and undue regulations are burdens on the backs of American business. These regulations are promoted by politicians who want to bloat the size of the federal governments, and these regulations serve to crush the small business men and women that represent the backbone of the US economy.

     Democrats love to leap at a chance to regulate a business or tax it to death. This process began to spin out of control in the 1930’s as a result of President (for life) Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal. During President Roosevelt’s New Deal, reagan_flagsAmerica experienced an uncontrollable swelling of the number of government programs and agencies. In the words of the great President Ronald Reagan, “Fascism was really the basis for the New Deal”. As a result of this, America became an unfavorable community for businesses, which in turn is the reason that the Chinese are beginning to dominate the international economy.  If America were to loosen environmental regulations to the point of the Chinese government, the business climate in America would be much more favorable.

     On another note, using renewable energy is a great deal more lethargic than using combustible fuels. Even if global warming is real, and clean energy is the way to curb those effects, then true Americans would rather deal with the effects than cowering in fear of a little bad weather. Possible solutions in which to deal with the effects of global warming are as follows: the United States could build sea walls, dump our pollution into 20sea-1-600poorer countries, or even build a dome around the United States to protect us from harmful weather patterns. Secondly, combustible fuels are so much harder to procure than renewable energy. No true American would turn their nose away from carving the Earth’s crust apart and instead decide to slack off and let nature continually give Americans a natural form of handouts. Handouts and welfare just create dependence and cause weakness.

     On the liberal media, Democrats frequently brandish the claim that 97% of scientists believe in global warming; however, these scientists’ assertions cannot necessarily be trusted. These scientists clearly have something to gain from espousing these false claims. Fame, fortune, and assorted political favors from politicians could have feasibly corrupted these so-called “scientists”. The sole reason any individual dreams of becoming a scientist is for the superficial gains such as money and power.

Ignoring the obvious corruption of these scientists, it is apparent that, as in the words of the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruittcartoon_climate_science, “the debate [on global warming] is far from settled.” Many scientists—a respectable 3%—do not believe that humans are the main contributor to global warming, or that global warming is truly occurring. In continuation, one would be irrational to claim that 97%  should be considered an accurate figure. For example, several prominent election prediction models gave Secretary Hillary Clinton around a 97% chance of winning the presidency at certain times throughout the presidential elections, and Donald Trump won in a shocking upset.

On a separate note, if the world is truly warming, then one would be logical to assume fc6953e1241182839532509368320_323b6f9cf8f-1-5-13602981475008929513-mp4that snow would be less abundant and infrequent. In one case, the ever-wise Senator James Inhofe (R-Oklahoma) brought a full sized snowball into the Senate floor proving that the world cannot be growing warmer over time.

     As the final piece of evidence, President Donald Trump has been quoted saying, “global warming is a total, and very expensive, hoax.” Due to the fact that Donald Trump was elected president, one would be reasonable to assume that he is a man of brilliance. Donald Trump is sufficiently wise to be able to tell fact from fiction, and global warming is certainly fiction. Donald Trump is a credible source, as he does not have an extensive history of lying and is very knowledgeable in the scientific fields.

     If all of the aforementioned is true, then it is apparent that global warming is a hoax perpetrated by anti-business liberals and corrupt scientists in order to destroy the competitiveness of American workers and to destroy the American dream. Or the world is about to undergo an inexorable change in climate, and continuing to ignore the problems in our faces will be lethal for untold millions of people.


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