Gun Control: Stricter Gun Laws Should be Enacted

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      Gun control is the set of laws that help regulate the manufacture, sale, possession, and use of firearms by civilian people. A study done by a Swiss University reports that the United States has about 87 guns per 100 citizens; this number is higher than any other country. Last year alone there were 58,439 gun related incidents reported in the United States (Gun Violence Archive). If this number does not scare you, it should. The United States has the highest rate of unintentional gun related deaths a year. Stricter gun control and more advanced gun safety are two key areas that need to be focused on to lower that rate.

     The most common idea of stricter gun control is to make sure a gun does not fall into the hands of somebody who is going to abuse its power. Tighter gun control does not mean that all guns should be banned, which many people believe political figures are trying to make happen. It would entail stronger background checks, and reviews of the owners, along with a gun safety test. All guns should have to be registered, to make it easier to trace in the unfortunate event of an accident. All cars have to be registered to be on the road so there is no reason that it should be any different for a gun. The only reason for a gun owner not wanting to have his gun registered, is if it is being used to carry out illegal actions. A proper gun owner should have no problem having his gun registered. Although gun control isn’t so popular, some policies are (Washington Post).

Although the right to bear arms is given in the Second Amendment of the constitution, there are no rights that are absolute. An example would be freedom of speech. Although you can say what you want, there are certain things you cannot do or say, such as calling in a bomb threat. In some circumstances the right Is limited if it involves a threat. This is what should happen with gun policy, there should be some things that are not allowed. Why should someone be able to obtain a gun without going through the lawful order of obtaining one? This is all the reason for a crime to be committed.

Guns have in some instances fallen into the hands of children. A gun is not something that a child should handle. Last year in 2016, there were 672 children from the age of 0-11 that were killed or injured by a firearm. There were also 3,117 teenagers killed or injured (Gun Violence Archive). A child was not meant to handle a firearm and there should be stricter restrictions and classes for safety that are required for a minor to be able to obtain a firearm. Other statistics of gun related incidents in the year of 2016 include 2,527 home invasions, 1,919 defensive use incidents, and over 2,239 officer related gun incidents where someone was either shot or killed (Gun Violence Archive). These statistics are all things that need to be decreased for the safety of everyone.

The view to have less gun control is also another idea being proposed, this includes many hunters and others who believe that the possessing of a gun is an important right. What is not understood is why anybody would want to have less restrictions for gun control. Seeing all of the numbers, it would seem to be absurd to have less laws and policies.

Assault rifles and other automatic weapons should be limited to the public, there is no need for anyone to have an assault rifle for personal use. Hunting is very common in many states, and buying a rifle is a reasonable thing to do, the purchase of weapons used for hunting should include a quick background check and safety overview.

The NRA has a very good connection with the Republican party, when gun control is a topic that is brought up, they both commonly bring up the 2nd amendment to overpower all of the statistics of gun related incidents. The republican party also commonly states that all liberals want to take away the guns we own and ban them completely. That is a false statement, although many people may believe that could be a possibility, most believe in stricter laws pertaining to guns.

There are many reasons for gun control laws and policies to become more strict, and even though it is a very controversial topic, gun control can be secured. By increasing gun laws, many gun related crimes can potentially be stopped beforehand. Which would lead to a lower crime and death rate in the United States.

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