Trump Travel Ban: Why it is the Best thing to Happen to the United States

In November 2016, the United States decided, a decision that some thought was the gravest mistake that American’s could make while others thought it was a decision that gave a voice to people that had felt unheard for the past eight years. That decision was, electing president Donald Trump to office. On January 27th, 2017 Trump signed an executive order limiting the entry of refugees from multiple middle eastern countries and banning all immigrants from Syria. This was an executive order that had a lot of backlash from many liberals in the United States and multiple other countries, but the reason for this ban was not to discriminate against countries it was put into place to protect the United States citizens.

In recent years, United States citizens have become fearful of terrorist attacks. The main group that people around the world fear when it comes to terrorism is the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Since ISIS came into power in recent years according to CNN the group is either directly responsible for or has inspired 143 attacks in twenty-nine countries and have killed 2,043 people. ISIS broke off, of Al Qaeda, who was responsible for the biggest terrorist attack on United States soil…9/11. It is now wonder why we as a country have become fearful for our safety.

September 11th, 2001 is a day that is engraved in the memories of the American public, it is an anniversary that does not go unnoticed even sixteen years later. Almost 3.000 people were killed that day and 6,000 injured. It is day that should not, and cannot be repeated in our country. Too many people lost loved ones that day leaving them angry at the people responsible for the attacks but a war against Al Qaeda was not going to guarantee that there would not be another attack. After the death of Osama Bin Laden people could let out a sigh of relief. It did not take long after Bin Laden’s death for ISIS to begin its’ rise to power as the Islamic radical group to fear.

ISIS is group that resides in the middle east primarily in Syria and Iraq. This is a group that has been able to utilize technology to gain followers. They are not a small group of people, it is a group that started up slowly in 2003 but has become more and more prevalent in recent years. The leader of the extremist group resides in Syria and gets support from multiple middle eastern countries.

The United States is a powerhouse in the world that needs to be protected, which was the goal of this ban. Trump came into power and he wanted to protect his country, that is of course the goal of the president. Syrian residents were indefinitely banned because ISIS comes from Syria and parts of Iraq. Through the ban the United States can better secure our boarders from potential threats.  As of February 13th, 2017, the United States had not been directly attacked by ISIS, only from ISIS inspired attacks (CNN).

The travel ban is meant to stop immigrants for ninety days from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. The purpose of this ban was allowing time for Trump to create a plan that would protect United States citizens while also allowing people travel into our country. The ban was not indefinite for all the countries only Syria, most likely because of its large population of ISIS members. Trump has created a brilliant plan to keep people out of our great country!

What people need to understand is that this is not permanent ban. Many people are in panic about this ban because they find it unfair, racist, or an act of discrimination against religions. That is not what the ban is about at all, Trump has said it himself he LOVES muslims and he does business with the so obviously he is not being discriminatory. This ban is focusing on where ISIS has a strong presence and preventing potential ISIS members from entering our great country.

People do not understand the complex job that the president has.  It is obviously not a common job therefore there is no reason for the common American citizen to understand it. What we as country must realize is that there is more to the decisions that the president makes than what we know therefore we must place our faith in our government to make the decisions with the countries best interest at heart. Which is why people who disagree with the travel ban set forth by president Trump it is something that we should believe that he wants to protect us and that that is his main goal therefore we should have faith in his ability to do so.

While I realize that President Trump was not everyone’s first choice to lead our great nation, he is in fact our president. We are Americans therefore we MUST  believe in our governmental system and respect the man that leads this country. He put into place a policy that is meant to avoid another attack such as 9/11. No one in this country I am sure, wants another attack like 9/11 or another terrorist attack for that matter therefore it should be recognized that the countries impacted by this ban do in fact have ties to the radical Muslim group ISIS. This ban is not kicking anyone out of country that is currently here and this ban is not banning those countries from the United States forever rather giving our government time to come up with a plan that is more long-term. Trump did not mean for this to be permanent solution to our fight on terrorism he knew that this was not the perfect solution which is why the executive order did not call for a permanent ban from any country.

It is clear that we will not all agree and get along and that no presidential candidate will ever be everyone’s favorite but it is my hope that as country we will be united. We must realize the large issues in our country and we must focus on the threats to our great country because this is place I am pound to call my home. The United states of America has given safety to many people and allowed children to grow up without fear of a war in their backyard all because our President’s have work to shield us from the threats that come our way.

Good piece, maybe include disclaimer and make sure MLA is correct format.  Also make sure when stating ‘President’ it is capitalized.

*Disclaimer: No part of me believes that we should live a life in fear.



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