Betsy DeVos: The Right Choice For Our Kids

Betsy DeVos’ appointment to the position of the Secretary of Education has shaken up the status quo of the “hyperventilating liberals” who have grown all-too-comfortable with their eight years of Barack Obama in the White House. Now, with “drain-the-swamp” Trump in office, Republicans finally have their way with their party-dominated house and senate. DeVos, with her lack of qualifications and millions of dollars donated to the Republican party, is every conservative’s wet dream. But, in all seriousness, there are some aspects of her appointment that aren’t all bad, even if her cabinet confirmation had to be tie-broken by the vice president.

Fox News writer Michael Petrilli cites that Mrs. Devos’ lack of classroom or real education experience would be damning only “if she were seeking employment as a teacher, a principal, or a superintendent” (Petrilli). But, because her position includes more of a political, policymaking role, she’s in the clear. So, regardless of the fact that she resides over the individuals who make the Department of Education what it is, it’s completely okay that she has never been in their shoes before. But this philosophy isn’t foreign to the Republican party, who elected a celebrity with no political experience into the highest political position in the world. At least they’re consistent.

The Hill writer Daniel Garza notes how school choice, an issue which DeVos has adamantly supported, will bring opportunity and fairness to education on behalf of the Latino community, specifically. To support this, he points out that “too many [Latino] families today find themselves with no realistic alternatives to the poor schools to which they are assigned by an unresponsive educational bureaucracy” which is an issue that would be resolved, according to Garza, if families had the option of choosing where their children attended school to best foster their education and learning (Garza). DeVos, a strong advocate of school choice, would be, according to Garza, “a major step forward for parents, teachers, and above all students” if she worked with Senator Elizabeth Warren on her bipartisan plan (Garza). This shows Garza’s interest for DeVos to step across the line that divides the political parties in order to enact real change in our education system.

Jim Daly’s Daily Signal article also addresses the issue of school choice along with the voucher system. While those opposed to vouchers argue that they were not designed to help low-income children, Daly argues that “school choice empowers economically underprivileged kids and encourages racial diversity” (Daly). Regarding DeVos specifically, Daly uses statistics to prove that the education system as it has been in recent years is not a “status quo we [should be] trying to protect” (Daly). With an outsider like DeVos in the cabinet, Daly feels as though she represents a new way of thinking and “has what it takes to guide our nation’s education policy” (Daly).

With all of this in mind, Betsy DeVos proves to be just what this country needs to shake of the current education system. With an outsider on the inside, it won’t be long before DeVos makes changes that will permanently impact the lives of our future leaders. Buckle up!

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