In Defense of Woman’s Rights: Why America Needs Planned Parenthood and the Constitutional Right to Abortion

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Women’s health is an extremely important issue in America these days.  Providing for the healthcare needs of half of our population is no doubt a massive undertaking, but the industry tasked with doing so is also currently under fire from our current

women's healthconservative administration. Congress has attempted to pass several legislative measures clearly designed to remove federal funding from women’s health clinics with the purpose of eliminating organizations that provide, or merely mention the option of, surgical abortions.  These include provisions snuck into Trumpcare and Joint Resolution 43, which passed the House.  This would only serve as a detriment to the well being of close to 150 million females who call this nation home.  Among other organizations, Planned Parenthood and the abortions they provide are crucial to women’s health in this country.

Why do we even need organizations that solely cover women’s health concerns; can’t regular community clinics properly provide for these patients? No, as a matter of fact they cannot. In many states across the country, community health centers simply could not provide for the sudden influx of female patients resulting from the defunding of Planned Parenthood.  Health community centers in California even contacted their Senator, Barbara Boxer, and told her just that.  Additionally, much of what these women’s health clinics provide is normally unavailable: early breast, cervical, and ovarian cancer screenings, as well as urgent reproductive care.  These actions help to save millions of females that would otherwise go unnoticed or untreated.  If you have ever been to a community emergency room, you know that they are severely overburdened already. Unless you are currently in the process of dying, you can wait hours to receive necessary treatment.


One of the most common arguments against abortion is a religious one; that it is the sinful killing of a human life.  One billion people in this world are members of the Catholic Church, which holds that opinion.  Maybe you are even one of those people that has this belief.  If so, that’s perfectly fine.  You have the right to believe whatever you want in this country. However, you do not have the right to force your beliefs on others, nor make others live under religious laws like the Islamic State.  People can maintain that life begins at conception, but all of the observable evidence that we have indicates that this is not the case.  Medical science upholds that a fetus is not considered a separate human entity or “alive” until it is viable, (can survive independently of the mother) which is around the 24-week mark.  Legal abortion serves to prevent life not take it, just like birth control.  It is this fact that is supported by the laws of this country, which make the time around the 24-week mark the limit for how late an abortion can be performed.  To suggest that a religious doctrine overrules the laws of this nation is nothing less than treasonous.

Abortions performed properly and professionally, as they are in Planned Parenthood clinics, are safe and simple medical procedures.  In essence, surgical abortion is the removal of the fetus and placenta through the vaginal canal, much like during childbirth.  Abortion, surgical or chemical, is in fact safer than delivering a baby.  Sometimes it is the lone option to protect the life of the mother, in the event of a complication during labor.  Contrary to the hateful shouts of some opponents, abortions actually save human lives.  Providing abortions is not by any means most PP fundingof what Planned Parenthood spends its time doing; only a measly 3 percent of their services are conducting abortions, which are not funded in any way by the government except in very extenuating circumstances.  A vastly superior amount of Planned Parenthood’s resources go into pregnancy prevention.  With the increased presence of and support for women’s health clinics, the CDC has reported a reduction of 20 percent in the number of abortions performed from 2004 to 2013.  If you want to reduce the presence of abortions in this country, the least harmful way to do so is to advocate for the continued government funding of the women’s health industry.

As I have mentioned, Planned Parenthood and similar organizations provide services crucial to the well being of women of pregnancy age.  This is a monumental task that only they are equipped to handle.  These clinics also only occasionally perform or refer patients to receive abortions.  These seldom-needed procedures are conducted safely and professionally, and merely remove the collection of cells that may later result in the creation of human life.  The right to receive an abortion such as this is not agreed upon by many, but nevertheless is a constitutional freedom women have over their bodies protected by the 14th Amendment.  Currently conservative lawmakers cannot dispute this, so instead they take actions against the practice they disagree with by trying to defund and eliminate pregnancy health programs that include this procedure.  It is up to you, the voting public, to prevent this and ensure that women continue to receive the proper healthcare that they need and deserve.

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