Euthanasia in The United States

Written By Javier Gonzalez

English 123, Spring 2018

5 February 2018


Euthanasia: Should Euthanasia or Physician-Assisted Suicide to be Legal in the United States?


Euthanasia and assisted suicide is a topic that has been contradictive in the last century in all around the world, but little has been done to legalize it. Only 24 countries around the world have authorized, and nations like Australia allows Euthanasia but not assisted suicide. In the case of the United States, we can find how although “in 1990 the U.S Supreme court did rule that patients or their designated health care agents may refuse life-preserving medical treatment” they cannot have the legal rights to take their lives. On the other side assisted suicide is legal in only in 6 states: Washington DC, California, Colorado, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington. Therefore, I have decided to research information from different sources to see what decision should me make, not only at the U.S, also in all around the world.


I’m going to start with the ones on the topic. The first source I chose was

Charles Lane January 24, 2018. “How many botched cases would it take to end euthanasia of the vulnerable?”. Published by the author Charles Lane in the Washington Post. He talks about many kinds of topics, although he tries to support his thesis with quotes and statistics from essential organizations as “the world Psychiatric association” that agree with his main argument, we can observe how he is not specialized in the topic. In this source, the author shows disagreement with the Physician-Assisted Suicide, as he explains many real examples were the system was used in wrong occasions; these were for people with mental and no physical problems. Where the patients feel extreme psico problems and instead of attending to a specialist in that kind of problems they visit the doctor that allows them to commit suicide by euthanasia.


In this article published by Ann Brenof on Feb 01, 2017 at HuffPost we can find, as the article before many arguments against the legalization of Euthanasia and assisted suicide For Judge Gorsuch, It’s ‘Assisted Suicide,’ Not ‘Death With Dignity.’ This article focuses on the idea of the Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States Judge Gorsuch and his book “the future of assisted suicide and Euthanasia.” In this book he attacks Euthanasia and assisted suicide, he talks about it by self-experience when his mum died of it. Although is a moving story he doesn’t show enough arguments, at least not scientific, in the book he talks about a subject he is not specialized, and all the cases come from one story.



After looking at the arguments against Euthanasia, we find a source that maintains at the center of the discussion. “Physician-assisted suicide, euthanasia: increasingly legal but still rare.”

Published in Published July 19, 2016. Posted by the fox news. As said before this source supports both sides, the way they argue it is by many quotes they also used general and historian facts. The main problem in these new is that there is no author assigned and that makes it hard to value the validity of the article. They agree with the idea of euthanasia and support in many times the process. But on the other hand, they show how since assisted suicide became legal in the UUSS the results in the few states(6) haven’t been as expected, because people decide to suicide for mental problems, such as depression and not for real pain.



This article stays on the defending side in the discussion. “Should I Help My Patients Die?” JESSICA NUTIK ZITTER, The article was published in AUG. 5, 2017, she uses the opinions of other doctors and the quotes of a real experience, were she was the primary doctor implicated, this article is part of one of many that where published in the New York Times about this topic. In this article, we can see euthanasia been vigorously defending; we can read how the writer Jessica Nutik protects that in that situation the best way to end was with physician Assisted Suicide that is legal in that state, California. As “California’s law permits physicians to prescribe a lethal cocktail to patients who request it and meet certain criteria.” She shows many arguments were she agrees with the results, as from the moment that the situation was assigned she passes from disagreeing with the subject to decide and allowing the poison for the assisted suicide



This article also stays on the defending side of the discussion. ”Euthanasia Hope you never need it, but be glad the option is there.”Published by Dr. Philip Nitschke, pro-euthanasia advocate, on Wed November 27, 2013, at CNN news. This article was posted by a doctor that has worked in defending the legalization of euthanasia for many years. In the real, we can see many facts and real situations where he was involved. And by these, I trust the facts and arguments that he is stating. In this article, he shows that although is not a subject that people talk a lot about and may seem that it doesn’t need that much importance, is something that is helpful when lacking it. As he explains for various experiences that at the end of your life is the last thing that you will be asking, the last right that you want to conceive.



In conclusion, Euthanasia is necessary for many people that suffer a lot of pain or have no choice. As it becomes the only choice for people in a vegetative state or people that cannot be helped with their grief by doctors anymore. But Euthanasia is still a long way to become legalized and work at its best, as the process is still not working as it should be, and the few times that’s has been used in the United States, wasn’t for the purpose that it was designed.


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