Argument for wealth distribution solutions: does the Wealth distribution inequality gap even exist?

Emily Chandler

Edited by. Ariana Kopf and Davis Topping

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As Katniss Everdeen and as myself, I’m arguing for the solution of wealth distribution inequality and really whether it exists at all. I believe it exists, having the experience of being a middle, lower class female without the benefits of most better off, wealthier, people I have grown up with or gotten to know in college, I have learned that you must start off young planning ahead for your future or you will never reach your goals because of your wealth and economic classification. I have three jobs and save every penny I must pay for my education, but I knew that I would have to when I was younger, and I work hard and push through it all because I have expectations of myself for a better future. Without my drive for a better future, I wouldn’t be able to be going to college right now or ever because my family has never been able to afford it. So as a lower, middle class, white, female, who lives in a single-story house that is falling apart, I believe I can use this as my ethos, my push, to share that the wealth distribution inequality gap exists and that I can identify with all the tenants who faced Hannity’s tripled rent threat which caused them to fear losing their homes. Being poorer than most I know what it is like to lose or fear losing your house, and I can connect to your fear and understand why it seems better to pay a tripled rent or be evicted from the one home that you have ever known because I have been through this very threat myself multiple times. The article ” Sean Hannity Informs Building Tenants About Deep-State Conspiracy Forcing Him To Triple Rent”,, is the proof that not only does the wealth distribution gap exist, but it makes things for the common people more difficult because they must deal with people from the one percent upper class, like Sean Hannity; who lords the power over his tenants of controlling their lives through their homes. As well as making their everyday lives harder by simply boasting their rent one day, up a triple of what it was before.

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Hannity claims that he is undermining President trump with the tripled rent or at least that is what he tells his tenants, but I’m not so sure that he isn’t on Trump’s side. Let’s look at what the upper 1% class is really doing behind our backs. This video,, shows that Hannity may really be on Trump’s side of the wealth distribution inequality gap and the fact they were having a cozy little lunch doesn’t look too good for Hannity’s plea of using the money to undermine Trump’s support. “I’m sorry, folks, but raising your rent is the only way I can cover cost-of-living increases, property taxes, and the vast effort by the military-industrial complex to undermine President Donald Trump’s most dedicated supporters,” a direct quote from Hannity himself. He’s getting a little cozy with the man he supposedly blames for this tripling in rent. What an example of how the upper 1% is trying to hide and deny that the wealth distribution gap doesn’t exist, or that they won’t admit it exists because it would make them look like they were using people below their class to make themselves more important and richer. Hannity increasing rent three-fold and then blatantly covering his tracks by blaming the fact he needed it to undermine Trump supporters, then going on to have a cozy lunch with the very man he was supposedly trying to undermine, doesn’t make him look like much of a truth teller, more like a corrupt politician in my books.

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I see Hannity as the Seneca Crane character, head gamekeeper, in the Hunger Games, who works for the man, the government, but wants you to believe he is on your side as well. Hannity may have an alliance with Trump, but like Seneca Crane, he uses his influence over people’s future for his own gain. Hannity increases rent three-fold, and Crane uses his influence to send people into the arena and is paid handsomely for how the games turn out, both are for their own personal gain, but they want the other people involved to believe that it is for the good of everyone involved; Hannity fouling the tenants and Crane sending the district kids to their deaths.

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Donald Trump reminds me of the Hunger Games character President Snow, who tells the people he is protecting them both physically and financially by keeping them trapped in their isolated, working classes. Our government is no better than the district class system. We are divided into social classes by the jobs we have because our social status is determined by the amount of money we have. Whereas in the districts they are divided into the job they can do and anyone below district two is paid the same amount; the little number of rations provided are considered their pay for a long day’s work. President Snow uses this system to control what the people think and believe and like President Snow, President Trump has created a classing system where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Being wealthy men themselves, they both see the upper class as a more privileged class, deserving a greater amount of earning ability than the lower classes that don’t have the ability to earn more money or aren’t given the opportunity to earn more money and provide for their families. The wealthy will always remain wealthy and the poor will always remain poor, this is a saying that has been used for generations and remains to be true because no one has ever tried to create an equal opportunity wealth distribution system. I’m not talking about communism where everyone earns the same thing. I’m talking about creating the opportunity to make an equal share in the work that is completed. Unlike how businesses and the government work now, where you look down the latter of a company or even the government, people make less and less money, but, the lower the job title you have, the harder you work, and the more you should be paid.
In the article, as I first viewed it seemed to just be Sean Hannity, a million dollar talk show host and landlord is spinning a deep state conspiracy theory to his lower-class tenants. He tells them that he must pay for increased cost- of – living expenses, property taxes, and the effort of the military-industrial complex to undermine president Donald Trump’s supporters, all out of his pocket. When he is tripling his tenants’ rent to pay for his own agenda and making them believe that some government conspiracy is behind it all.

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At first, I wondered if Sean Hannity may have been telling the truth about deep state conspiracies or if he was making it all up to further his own agenda, but I have found proof that he may have real basis for his argument that, “Furthermore, the deep state demands that rent increases start on the first of next month instead of when your lease is up.” It may seem a bit out of the ordinary that the deep state would care about the increases, but maybe Hannity knows more than we do, after all, he could be a part of this deep state conspiracy himself. After all, it is a secret or is it? I’ve found an article that reveals that Hannity didn’t fully make up the fact that the deep state conspiracy exists, but it may not reveal why Hannity blames the immediate increase in rent on the deep state conspiracy. The CIA has admitted that a deep state conspiracy exists, but I doubt that it was admitting to the need of a tripling in rent, so Hannity may have been telling the truth about the existence of a deep state conspiracy, but not exactly fully truthful on what the deep state controls exactly. Did the deep state honestly tell Hannity that he could increase rent three-fold and way before the tenants could finish up their leases and move out if they wanted to? I think not.

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People in the government tend to try and hide the fact that we have a wealth distribution gap because they want to seem as if they are one of the people. When Hillary Clinton was running for president, her accent changed everywhere she went. Similar to Hillary, Hannity tried to seem as if he is like the people he lords over. He wants the people to believe that they have a far and even choice in their tripled rent, when he is using his position as a landlord and as one of the elite, 1% upper-class citizens, to make his tenants feel un-American and unpatriotic over the simple refusal of paying triple the rent their leases agreed to. Being one of the people has been a cover for gaining political favor from way back! Ever heard of Tippecanoe and Tyler too? Well, that was a commonplace saying when John Tyler was running for president in the 1840 election and yet another tactic to make people believe that the president is one of the people and not the head of the upper 1% that makes our wealth distribution gab ever larger, as the days go by. If the President can use their influence to make it seem like there is no wealth distribution gap, then why would anyone believe that there was one? Well, I’ve found proof and have lived through proof that a wealth distribution gap does exist. Not only this article, but many other articles were found to admit that there is wealth inequality, and, in this article, it shows that it has been in existence since before 1913, so this isn’t exactly a new thing. If these authors and the actual income tax workers can admit that a wealth distribution inequality gap exists, why can’t the people like Hannity, who uses his money and power against people who are of lower class and income bracket than himself, and President Trump admit that the wealth gap actually does exist and always will exist, especially if the upper 1% income class continue to prey on the lower class to pay their supposed undermining of their supposed enemies loyalists, a.k.a Hannity using rent money to undermine President Trump’s supporters.

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